I Don’t Understand Gun Control


The big story today is the President and new gun control measures and I don’t get it.

One of things he wants to pass is not letting military surplus be reimported back into the country. Really? So criminals are going to obey that law? Look at all the drugs smuggled into this country daily, they’re illegal but they’re still getting here. The law will do nothing to stop criminals from getting guns, but it will stop law abiding citizens from getting one to protect themselves and their families.

Ban guns? Drugs are banned and that worked out well I see…

Gun control does nothing for actual law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves or enjoy recreational activities with them. It just makes things hard for citizens to get them and does nothing to stop a criminal from getting one. Criminals do not obey laws, why doesn’t anyone get that? Gun control does not stop a criminal from getting a gun if they really want one. It does stop law abiding citizens from getting one though, or make it very hard to get one. A criminal hands over some money and gets a gun, very simple. A citizen has to jump through hoops and piles of red tape and pay money and then pay more money and maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally get one. Gun control will not stop a criminal from getting a gun.

If a criminal wants a gun they’re going to get one no matter what the law says. They’re not going through a background check, they’re not going to get one through any legal means.

These laws are only hurting people who actually obey them. A gangbanger, drug dealer or murderer does not care what the law says obviously.

It makes no sense to punish law abiding citizens like these laws do. A criminal will get a gun no matter what. They could ban them entirely but it will only affect law abiding people and not the criminals.

The logic makes no sense to me, I just don’t understand it at all. The government thinks that posting a sign or making a law will make things go away, it doesn’t work that way. A criminal is a criminal and they don’t give a shit about laws.  You can post gun free zones around schools all you want and that only stops legal, law abiding citizens from carrying their guns. A criminal does not care what the zone is or what the law says. It’s very basic and simple logic, when are the government and people going to figure that out?!

The government says ‘oh look, you’ll be safer now because we passed a law’. Back in reality though the law means nothing to the criminal. They’re criminals, they break the law, they don’t care about the laws.

School shootings are horrible, I have kids and I fear them. (any shooting, any killing is horrible) The reason I fear them though is that there aren’t any guns allowed in or near the school legally. A criminal doesn’t care about the law, so when he does take a gun to a school he damn well knows that nothing can happen to him because no one has a gun in a school. It makes no damn sense at all. Sure there’s a security guard there but what are they going to do, yell at the guy with the gun?! Yeah, that’ll work out great huh?! The government has effectively made our schools into easy targets as criminals know that they are not protected properly.

Gun control should not be about what it is now, and that’s keeping guns from law abiding citizens. Gun control should be about education and educating people about how to store them, and how to use them.

Pass a law that makes gun safety classes mandatory for owners.

Pass a law that makes shooting classes mandatory for owners. What’s the point of having one if you can’t hit anything it?

Pass a law that makes care and handling of guns mandatory.

Pass a law that requires them to be child proof and in a locked box or cabinet at all times, make that mandatory.

Those are the kinds of laws I can get behind and understand.

Our government needs to get their heads out of their collective asses and actually think things through instead of thinking of only their political careers. The government is corrupt plain and simple, it’s all about the money and who can pay the most and it’s sad.

Our founding father’s did not intend it to be this way. The government was supposed to represent the people, but they only represent themselves and their own agendas to get more money and further their own political careers which of course all comes back to getting more money for themselves.

The government and laws are not supposed to be about money and lobbying etc. It seems that it’s all about the money. Pay enough and your law or bill or whatever will get passed and it doesn’t matter if it’s good for the people or not, as long as they get their money.

It’s a shame that you have to be rich to have a political career, that’s what it has come down to, whoever has the most money wins the elections.

All of the politicians make promises when they’re trying to be elected and when they are they forget about those promises. Essentially they’re liars, can’t be any more simple than that. You promise something, you don’t do it, that makes you a liar. Again, simple logic here… I don’t understand why I can see that and most other people out there can’t. Or they can, and they’re like me, just a little guy with no power whatsoever to make any difference. I’m not rich so I can’t run for office so I can’t do a damn thing.

This country is supposed to be free, but slowly and surely we’re losing our freedoms, they’re just being chipped away until nothing of what our founding father’s wanted for their people is left.

Sadly there’s not damn thing that the average taxpaying and law abiding citizen can do about it, except sit back and watch.

This country has lost its way. When I was little a kid I was proud to be an American, as I got older, not so much anymore as I actually saw and see now what’s going on. When I was little we were taught that America is the greatest country in the world, but it’s not anymore is it?  Sure it’s better than most, but that’s changing… All the stuff that’s going on with the NSA and just all of it, it’s just not the great country I grew up thinking it was. Hell I’m afraid to really even post this little rant as who knows, and I shouldn’t be.. We have the 1st Amendment, but does that matter anymore? We now have these wonderful things called constitution free zones, which is ridiculous and yet no one seems to really care about it.

I don’t understand why there isn’t more outcry or just plain anger about what’s going on. Is the general public that oblivious to everything that’s going on? I guess they’re too busy watching reality TV to care anymore…

Oh well.. nothing I can do that’s for sure…. I feel bad for my kids as it just seems like things are going to get worse and worse as time goes on…