TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early

I like watching TV, but I hate those crappy reality shows. I can’t understand how quality TV shows get cancelled in favor of some stupid reality show?! It makes no sense to me. I’m not obsessed with TV, but I enjoy as a matter or escape. I especially like sc-fi TV shows as it gives a glimpse of what the future could be. There are many TV shows that were just cancelled too early, many of them yes ran for many, many seasons, but a lot of them stopped at one or two leaving things just hanging. So here’s my list of TV shows that got cancelled too early…


The top of the list of course is Firefly. The show was doomed from the start really, and that’s sad as it was just excellent overall. Fox screwed up royally on this one. I don’t think I have to list the reasons for this one not being cancelled… I know we’ll never see anymore Firefly episodes, I’m resigned to that fact, but one can hope right?!



The second on my list would have to be Star Trek Enterprise. Yes the show wasn’t perfect, there were some funky plots and plot holes that I didn’t care much for but the show had very likable characters that you just didn’t want to see go. It only ran for four seasons, it could have went on and on. They killed off one of the most likeable characters in Trip, but they had to do something as the show was ending and cancelled. Scott Bakula was one of the best Enterprise captains ever. I would have loved to have seen how the Enterprise would have evolved if the series had continued.


The rest of these aren’t in any real order.. but none of them should have been cancelled I think.


The Finder was a spin-off from Bones and yeah it was goofy, but it was a likable goofy. Sadly Michael Clarke Duncan died (I always liked him) and the show was cancelled. If he hadn’t died the show probably still would have been cancelled as that’s just how it works. In a way it’s a good thing as I’m not sure the show would have worked with Duncan, he made made the show really.



SGU or Stargate Universe was more of a character driven type show that lasted only two seasons. The show had lots of potential, but I just think people want more out of sci-fi that characters, they want action. If the show had went on, the show could have found a balance between the characters evolution and the action of a typical sci-fi show. it’s sad that they never had a chance to explore the Stargate Universe more…



Ok, this one ran for 10 seasons but it could have went on and on I’m sure. Maybe it ran it’s course, but it’s fantasy sc-fi and anything is possible so it could have just went on and on. I miss this show quite a bit, it was fun and the characters were very likable. It had a great mix of characters that worked well together.



So Star Trek TNG or The Next Generation lasted for seven seasons, but that wasn’t enough to explore the Star Trek universe or our universe. The ending with the whole time travel thing was just not right, it felt rushed and just wasn’t a good ending to this great series. TNG could have went on and on, but no we Dancing with the Stars and that crap instead.



Another Star Trek entry here, this one is Voyager. This series had so much potential and it’s another one that used time travel to end the series. This one lasted seven seasons but it could have went on and on, after all they were stuck in the Delta quadrant and it should have taken them almost a century to get home, instead it took a handful of years and we ended up missing so much. This show could have been great really, it was a chance to really explore the Star Trek mythos and universe. Sadly it was cancelled too soon…



Gravity was a little known show that lasted one season and ended with a cliff hanger. It was basically filler material, but still it could have been great, and at least they could have gave us some closure. The show was a black comedy about a group of suicide survivors that sounds odd, but it was pretty good. This show was on Starz for a brief time….



Another one with gravity in the title, Defying Gravity was a sci-fi show set on an international spacecraft on a mission through the solar system. The premise was very interesting, but they killed the show after one season and of course didn’t give us any closure as it basically ended with a cliff hanger… The show was combination drama, sci-fi and mystery rolled into one and that’s what made it a great show.



Another one that gave us only one season… Terra Nova was a sci-fi series that had a lot of potential, yes it was goofy at times but I would have loved for it to go on a few more seasons to let us know how it all turned out. I love sci-fi and time travel is a big part of that, but then again was it time travel in Terra Nova or were they in a different reality or universe? I’m not sure but I’ll never know. Yeah, they travelled in time but to the time of the dinosaurs to start a new life because we screwed up the earth. Good show overall I thought… at least it was fun…



Wow did they screw up when they cancelled this show. Eureka was on Syfy and was recently cancelled, and it was probably one of my most favorite shows of all time. It was goofy but loveable and somewhat believable really. Yeah sure it out there at times, but the idea of a town like Eureka just sounds great to me. The characters were very likable and they had a great on-screen presence and worked very well together and the characters themselves were believable. Another great show cancelled too early….



Another show that lasted one season, but yet had the potential to go on for many more. I’m sure a lot of people never even heard of this show. It’s essentially about a gated town or neighborhood full of supernatural creatures as they go about their daily lives and the things that they have to go through. it was kind of a supernatural soap opera. It was cool…



Pushing Daisies latest two seasons and so much potential. Yes it was kind of goofy but it was lovable and just fun overall. It was a goofy murder mystery type show but romance was involved as well, it’s hard to describe, there was a lot going on and I think that’s what made it so great…


Reaper lasted just two seasons and yes it was really goofy, but it was fun. It was great to sit and watch it and just enjoy it and not have to think about it. It didn’t take itself seriously and you shouldn’t have either, it wasn’t intended to be serious, it was made to be fun and it was.



Another one that lasted only two seasons but had so much potential to be more and go on for many more seasons. They ended the show poorly, it was very rushed and in fact I think the entire second season just felt like a half-hearted attempt to appease the fans.



Dead Like Me is the last one I have on my list and it only lasted two seasons. They had a movie after the show that tried to tie everything up but the movie was bad. The show should have just went on, it had a lot of potential.


I’m sure there’s plenty more I could add to this list, but these are just a few off the top of my head. Most of these shows were cancelled to make room for more stupid ass reality shows. I just can’t understand how people enjoy that drivel they try and call entertainment.

Some of these shows you may have never heard of, if you haven’t I highly suggest you give them a try.  I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime and I found all of them on either one for instant viewing, but not on both. So you can find them somewhere and they’re well worth the watch.