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I Work for AOL now?!?! What?!

So I like to search for myself online every once in a while and I just found out that this goofy site has me listed as working for America Online now?!


The site is called Zoom Info, and apparently it’s a wanna be LinkedIn type site… I thought maybe it was just something weird on the above page but I searched again and they have me listed as working for AOL… I don;’t work for AOL, I never have, I never would…. 


I’ve been thinking about just signing up for the site to look into it more, but I’m sure I’d get inundated with spam and crap from them so not sure how to proceed…. 

Oh well….

Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler Review


Review Link:

Review Snipit:
"Noctua is company known for high quality and excellent performing CPU coolers and fans. It’s safe to say that most of their product line is aimed at the high end user who wants to push their system or CPU to the limits. Enthusiasts, or overclockers they would be called, and that’s all fine and good if you’re that type of person, Noctua certainly has a cooler for you that will keep your CPU cool even under overclocked conditions. What happens if you’re not one of those types of people? What about those who really don’t care much about overclocking, or those that much prefer an SFF or HTPC style system? Your choices are pretty limited when it comes to choosing a CPU cooler that is quiet and yet performs well and one that’s high quality. Noctua has a solution for you now, they’ve ventured into making coolers made for more cramped systems, and they’ve brought all of their knowledge and skills from making enthusiast style coolers to do this so you can expect a top-notch product . They’ve come out with two of these coolers, one of which I have for review today called the NH-L9i, where the ‘I’ in the name stands for Intel, the other cooler is the NH-L9a which is for AMD CPUs specifically. So I have the NH-L9i for review and I’ve put it up against a larger Noctua cooler for comparison as I was curious to see how well this tiny cooler would perform. So Read on… "

Noctua NM-I3 Mounting Kit Review



Quote: "Noctua makes great coolers, but as time goes on the older ones just won’t work with the new sockets that keep coming out. The coolers Noctua makes are excellent quality and perform well and they do come at a price, a higher price than most other out there, but they’re well worth it as you know if you’ve ever owned any. I have several of them and I recently decided to upgrade one of my kids computers with my old Core i5 setup and wanted to use a good cooler with it, and that meant I grabbed one of the unused Noctua ones that I had sitting around but I found it wouldn’t work with the socket 1156. Noctua has a solution for this though, the NM-I3 Mounting Kit that works with any of the new and old Noctua coolers so you can use them with newer sockets. The kit essentially makes them never become obsolete so that Noctua cooler you bought three years ago can still be used with the latest CPUs of today. The kit can be obtained free of charge actually from Noctua if you provide proof of purchase or it can be bought for only $10, which is well worth it I think to be able to use the older cooler with the newer platforms. So read on for a quick review of the NM-I3 kit…."

Hackers Are SO Annoying

So someone has been trying to hack my site at since the 10th and it’s like non-stop every few minutes or so and it’s so damn annoying.

I have it set so it emails me when someone tries to login and it sends me the login id and password and IP address that was used and I woke up this morning with almost a whole page of just those and yesterday morning.

Look at this, this is what my trash looks like right now for pages and pages, each one is a hack attempt….


it’s funny in a way as there is no ‘Admin’ account on any of my sties, but yet that’s what they are trying to use to get in. I delete the admin account as soon as I setup any sites, but yet it doesn’t matter.

Hell I even posted about it and told them there is no admin account, but apparently they don’t care to read the site, they just want in.

I can’t figure out how they’re doing it as I do have captcha enabled on the login page and they’re just bypassing it completely.

I don’t get it, why are there people like this in the world who just want to cause harm to others?!