The North Face Etip Gloves Review


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"So I woke up this morning to a temperature of 27F, that’s a little cold, I consider when it’s below freezing to be rather cold and I think most people do as well. The cold weather means gloves, but the problem with gloves is you can’t use your phone with them on so you have to choose between warm hands or using your phone. Lately though many companies have been coming out with specialty gloves that work with capacitive touch screen devices and most I’ve seen are no-name brands and they’re a knit type glove. Knit gloves are nice but they’re not what I would call really warm, they’re knit so they have holes all over them, that’s just the way knit works and they don’t exactly keep the wind out. The North Face is fairly popular company when it comes to warm weather gear and they’ve recently introduced their own line of gloves that work with capacitive devices called Etip and that’s what I have for review today. The Etip gloves are not knit style, these are fleece and keep the wind out much better, thus keeping your hands nice and warm. The gloves have special capacitive tips on two of the fingers of each hand that let you use your touch screen devices without removing your gloves. "