DarbeeVision Darblet HDMI Video Processor Review


New review by me on TestFreaks:

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-darbeevision-darblet-hdmi-video-processor/

"Where do I start with this review? A post video processor is something that I’ve never had any experience with, it’s actually something that really never thought about honestly. I have an HDTV and Blu-ray and all that high-definition stuff that we’ve gotten accustomed to. I always thought high-def was good enough and didn’t need any improvement, but reviewing the product I have today I found I was wrong. What I have for review today is the Darblet, yes it’s kind of weird name, but the whole name is the DarbeeVision Darblet HDMI Video Processor, or Darblet for short! The Darblet sits between your HDTV and any HDMI type device like a Blu-ray player or PlayStation 3. You can put it between your HDTV and home theater system with many devices so you can utilize it with all of them. "