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Solid Cordz Premium Series Gold Plated HDMI 1.4 Cables with Ethernet Review


New review by me..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-solid-cordz-premium-series-gold-plated-hdmi-1-4-cables-with-ethernet/

Quote: "HDMI has pretty much become the standard, everything in my home entertainment system uses HDMI and I even use them with my computer, but not all HDMI cables are created equal. Yes you can pay an exorbitant amount of money for some, but that’s just stupid in my opinion especially when an inexpensive cable will do the job just as good. Solid Cordz has sent me over a couple of their newest HDMI cables for review that are version 1.4 which means they can handle 4K resolution and 3D content and these cables can also carry an Ethernet signal which could come in handy as many HDTVs and other home theater devices these days are internet connected. So read on to learn more.."

Halite Video Purifier by Salt Labs Review


New review by me!!  This is one of those products that I can highly recommend.. it just makes such a difference really..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-halite-video-purifier-by-salt-labs/

"Almost one year ago now I reviewed the DarbeeVision Darblet HDMI Video Processor and I thought it was a great device but one of my chief complaints was and still is that it’s rather ugly and apparently a company called Salt Labs agrees with me on this as they’ve sent me of the Halite Video Purifier based on the Darblet. The device is virtually the same as the Darblet but it just looks a whole lot better now. The Halite essentially reprocesses your video, any video, movies, games or TV and add further depth cues to it for enhanced depth and realism, and I found that it can make everything just look better overall. The Halite can improve video quality on lower resolution videos and one of the things I love about it is that it can bring things in the background more into focus. The Halite isn’t only for videos, but it does have a gaming mode so it can even enhance your gaming experience. Read on to learn more…"

3-in-1 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI / DisplayPort / DVI Adapter Review


Did this review a little bit ago, forgot to post about it…


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-3-in-1-mini-displayport-to-hdmi-displayport-dvi-adapter/

"In the past year or so we’ve seen many laptops and video cards that are coming equipped with mini DisplayPort connections but those laptops and video cards don’t come with adapters so you can actually make use of those ports. Today I’ve got a short review for you of a product that many of you might find very useful, it’s a 3-in-1 adapter that goes from mini DisplayPort output to DVI, HDMI or stand DisplayPort video inputs. The product is just a small white box really, not much special or exciting about it but it is inexpensive and it does the job it needs to do.  " 

DarbeeVision Darblet HDMI Video Processor Review


New review by me on TestFreaks:

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-darbeevision-darblet-hdmi-video-processor/

"Where do I start with this review? A post video processor is something that I’ve never had any experience with, it’s actually something that really never thought about honestly. I have an HDTV and Blu-ray and all that high-definition stuff that we’ve gotten accustomed to. I always thought high-def was good enough and didn’t need any improvement, but reviewing the product I have today I found I was wrong. What I have for review today is the Darblet, yes it’s kind of weird name, but the whole name is the DarbeeVision Darblet HDMI Video Processor, or Darblet for short! The Darblet sits between your HDTV and any HDMI type device like a Blu-ray player or PlayStation 3. You can put it between your HDTV and home theater system with many devices so you can utilize it with all of them. "

Hydra 3×1 HDMI Cable Switch Review


And another review by me….

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-hydra-3×1-hdmi-cable-switch/

" HDTVs and home theaters system are great, most of us have one and mostly everything these days is HDMI which is nice as it’s just one simple connection for everything. What isn’t nice is the fact that you can quickly run out of HDMI connections on your TV, I know I did so I run a few through the home theater stereo system and I found that’s still not enough for everything I have. I found myself having to manually unplug and then plug in the device I want to use at times or use an alternate connection method like composite for said devices. Up for review today I have the Sewell Hydra 3×1 HDMI Cable Switch that allow you to connect three HDMI devices to one HDMI connection on your HDTV or theater system. The Hydra consists of four cables, three input and one output with a very small push button switch in the middle and the best part is that it doesn’t need an external power source. So read on to learn more… "

Wii to HDMI Converter Review


New review by me at TestFreaks:


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-wii-to-hdmi-converter/

"Technology is great but sometimes it just moves to fast I think. Most everything we have when it comes to video is HDMI, but some aren’t for whatever reason. One of those devices is the Wii, hopefully the new Wii U will have HDMI but for now we’re stuck with composite or component and a relatively low resolution on our HDTVs. I recently got a handy little device from a company called Sewell Direct that can let you use HDMI with your Wii and even upscale it to 1080P and it works for the most part, for me it upscaled to 720p, which is of course better than 480p. So read on… "