Daily Archives: February 4, 2012

Mobility Digest Review: Inexpensive Screen Protector for HTC Titan from Amazon


Quote: Amazon is a great place to get inexpensive accessories for your phone. For the most part I’ve had very good luck buying cases and things that cost under $5. Recently I got an HTC Titan and I’m the type of person that must have a screen protector on my devices, I just have to so I went to Amazon and grabbed one for about $2. Is it worth it? Maybe, sort of, not really. So I’ve got a very quick review of it for you…

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-inexpensive-screen-protector-for-htc-titan-from-amazon/

Honking the Horn!

I don’t understand, doesn’t everyone have a cellphone these days? I’ve got neighbors who have people picking them up at all hours and just sit in front of the house honking their horn. It’s annoying as hell and I think it’s rude. Why can’t you just call when you get in front of the house, or better yet call when you’re close and say ‘be outside, I’m one minute away’ but no, they’d rather sit there and honk the horn non-stop and annoy everyone…


I don’t know, just felt the need to rant about that…

Gear4 Angry Birds Speaker Red Bird Review


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-gear4-angry-birds-speaker-red-bird/

"I don‘t think this product needs much of an introduction, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so then I think you know what Angry Birds are. They’ve become extremely successful and have spawned several lines of accessories and today I have one of the more useful ones, at least I think it’s more useful. Today for review I’ve got the Gear4 Angry Birds Speaker, there are a few different versions of it and I have the Red Bird which can be used with any device that has a standard 3.5mm audio jack.  Let’s just jump right on in…"