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Bluetooth Keyboard for Le Pan TC 970

So I found a Bluetooth keyboard for my Le Pan TC 970 tablet and it’s very nice, I can highly recommend it.

It’s the Verbatim Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard and it works great with the Le Pan. I got it for review over on TestFreaks actually so you can find quote and link below:




“Ok, first review of the New Year and it’s a keyboard. It’s not just any keyboard though, it’s the Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Mobile keyboard from Verbatim. This keyboard is very thin and portable and it features the standard keys along with many special function keys as well. It can be used with Apple devices and many Android ones and any other Bluetooth device that supports HID profiles. This little keyboard is great for those that aren’t yet quite accustomed to typing on a touchscreen and/or prefer typing on a real keyboard.”


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-verbatim-ultra-slim-bluetooth-wireless-mobile-keyboard/


Also I found you can get it at Amazon for $43.73 in the white color I got.

Mobility Digest Review: Phosphor World Time Sport Black E-Ink Watch

Yep, another review by me!!


Electronic Ink or E-Ink is getting around but the last place I’d expect to see it is on a watch. Today for review I’ve got something a little off from the mobility theme but not really as a watch is probably one of the first mobile gadgets we had. The product is the Phosphor World Time Sport watch that features E-Ink for its display that makes it crisper, clearer and sharper than a conventional digital watch. This watch also has no buttons at all, everything is controlled by touch, tapping and swiping to get things done. The name should give it away, but it’s a world time watch, meaning you can know the time anywhere in the world instantly. The World Time Sport is great for travelers sure but it’s just as good for times when you’re not straying from your home time zone.

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-phosphor-world-time-sport-black-e-ink-watch/

Mobility Digest Review: Arctic MB201 12” Messenger Bag

Another review by me!



Bags! The bag is something of a must for anyone with any kind of mobile lifestyle. I have several bags for my laptop, netbook and even for my tablets and they’re all different but they’re a must have item. No mater if you work from home like me or you commute, you’ll most likely need to take your laptop with you somewhere and you won’t want to take it unprotected. Today for review I’ve got the Arctic MB201 12” Messenger Bag and it’s not only inexpensive but it’s well made and it’s got plenty of room for all of your stuff. Read on..



It’s a great bag and you can find it for only $26.95 at Amazon!