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Grace Digital Eco Pod Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case @ TestFreaks


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-grace-digital-eco-pod-rugged-all-terrain-speaker-case/

"Are you the rugged outdoorsy type? Do you like hiking, camping and just getting down and dirty, but like to take your phone or MP3 player with you? One of the problems with today’s devices is that they’re rather fragile and they really can’t stand up to much abuse at all. Don’t even think of getting them wet, they’ll be ruined for sure. Dropping them, don’t do that either, chance are you’ll have a busted device. If you like playing outdoors then you need a rugged case for your gadget, and the one I have for review today might just work for you, it’s the Grace Digital Eco Pod. This case offers more than enough protection for your device from the elements, drops and even altitudes. So read on…    "