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netflix error n8106-106

What the hell is wrong with Netflix?

I’m really sick of this error popping up. There’s not a damn thing wrong with my internet connection, yet they try and tell me there is. That’s BS.

They’re raising the rates on us for a product that doesn’t even work part of the time.

I’ve posted about this fix before on here. So let’s recap.

I’ve done all my own fixes already, and they worked until today. Then it spits out the error right in the middle of watching something.

The quick fix I’ve got is just open your browser with ‘run as administrator’, right now that fixed the problem for me. Why though should I have to run as admin to watch Netflix?


Here’s links to the other two posts with the other fixes I‘ve used that worked for a while anyway.


UPDATED: another part of the fix here: https://www.kristoferbrozio.com/2011/03/07/fix-for-netflix-error-code-n8156-6013-updated/

Mobility Digest Review: Think Geek Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone




I’ve been reviewing products for many years now and I’ve learned in that time that most products don’t meet the hype surrounding them. They seem so great, awesome, cool, whatever other adjective you could come up with, in the ads, but once you get them they’re just not all that. Take the product I have for review today from Think Geek called the Joystick-It that is a mini joystick for your iPhone, iPod or Android devices, pretty much anything that has a capacitive screen will work. In my time with it I found it’s just not all that, frankly it doesn’t work most of the time…