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Mobility Digest Review: GTMax Black Rubberized Hard Cover Case for AT&T HTC Surround T8788





There’s no shortage of inexpensive accessories out there, and one great source for them is Amazon. You can get cases and accessories for your phone for a one dollar or even one penny, but at even that low price are they even worth it? I recently got the HTC Surround WP7 phone and I needed a case quickly and cheaply so I headed over to Amazon and found two, one of which I have for review today. It’s the GTMax brand, one that I never heard of, but I needed a case and $2 was an attractive price for it. I could have gotten a more expensive case yes, but I wanted to see if being cheap or frugal was worth it. So you could call this sort of an experiment as it were.

Mobility Digest Review: Universal Cradle for iPhone / iPod with USB Hub




Look around, you’ll find Apple devices are extremely popular and with that comes accessories for them. Today for review I’ve got a little universal cradle from our friends at USBFever. This cradle allows you to not only dock your iPod, iPad or iPhone but it has three USB ports to use as you see fit and an audio jack for headphones or external speakers.

Mobility Digest Review: World’s smallest Micro SDHC USB Card Reader





So how about another review today? World’s smallest this and world’s smallest that, we hear it all the time it seems doesn’t it? No matter the claim, I’ve got a very small Micro SDHC card review from our friends at USBFever. At this point in time all of our mobile devices use microSD cards, so something like this little gadget could very much come in handy I think.

netflix error n8106-106

What the hell is wrong with Netflix?

I’m really sick of this error popping up. There’s not a damn thing wrong with my internet connection, yet they try and tell me there is. That’s BS.

They’re raising the rates on us for a product that doesn’t even work part of the time.

I’ve posted about this fix before on here. So let’s recap.

I’ve done all my own fixes already, and they worked until today. Then it spits out the error right in the middle of watching something.

The quick fix I’ve got is just open your browser with ‘run as administrator’, right now that fixed the problem for me. Why though should I have to run as admin to watch Netflix?


Here’s links to the other two posts with the other fixes I‘ve used that worked for a while anyway.

UPDATED: another part of the fix here:

Mobility Digest Review: Think Geek Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone




I’ve been reviewing products for many years now and I’ve learned in that time that most products don’t meet the hype surrounding them. They seem so great, awesome, cool, whatever other adjective you could come up with, in the ads, but once you get them they’re just not all that. Take the product I have for review today from Think Geek called the Joystick-It that is a mini joystick for your iPhone, iPod or Android devices, pretty much anything that has a capacitive screen will work. In my time with it I found it’s just not all that, frankly it doesn’t work most of the time…

Mobility Digest Review: Magnetic / Detachable Wide Angle + Macro Lens for Cellphone Etc





Cameras on our phones have come a long way haven’t they? You can almost use your cell camera in place of a regular point and shoot camera. Some phone cameras are good enough to do that, but not many. Personally I don’t take many pictures with my phone, it’s nice for something quick or if I forgot my camera, but other than that I rarely use the camera in my phone. If you’re a shutterbug with your phone though you might like the product I have for review today from USBFever, it’s a lens set that includes both Macro and Wide Angle Lenses for you phone. It’s magnetic so it just attaches to your phone and then can be stored away until future use. It’s not a bad little gadget actually, read on..

Mobility Digest Review: Pad&Quill The Little Black Book for iPhone4, Vol. 3





Before the age of smartphones and PDA’s there was the “little black book”. This pocket tome stored the contact information of acquaintances or in some cases possible hook ups. In homage to this classic from days gone by, Pad&Quill the makers of the moleskine style Cartella, Octavo and Contega cases have released the Little Black Book, Vol.3 for the iPhone 4.