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V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones Review





A few years ago at DragonSteelMods we had the chance to review the V-MODA Vibe Duo headphones, which we found were designed more for style than sound quality.  Today we will look at the Remix Remote, the latest offering from V-MODA.

These earphones are designed for both stereo playback and as a hands free device for cell phones.  The in-line remote helps the user control music playback and volume without having to handle one’s cell phone or mp3 player.

The Remote Remix is marketed towards the active mobile user with its solid construction, detachable ear hooks and stylish design.

This time the company focuses on style while attempting to offer a higher fidelity sound experience

Seagate Barracuda ST3500418AS 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s 500GB Slim Hard Drive Review



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"I’ve got another hard drive for review today; it’s another Seagate model 7200.12 but it’s a slim style drive, it’s only one inch thick. The drive runs quiet and cool and it’s a decent performer, it would be great for an HTPC, or anywhere a smaller drive is needed. "

Seagate Barracuda ST31000528AS 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s 1TB Hard Drive Review




Quote: I think most people don’t think much about hard drives really; at least the average person doesn’t anyway. Most average people have a pre-built box computer and they just accept what’s in it and that’s that. People like me though build our own computers and we seek out the best performing hard drive we can find as we want the fastest and the best. Seagate is known for their Barracuda line of drives, they offer decent performance and that’s what I’ve got for review today.

Hornettek Viper U3 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure Review




Quote: USB 3.0 is the future and it’s here now, there’s no doubt it’s fast but there isn’t much yet in the way of  pre-built hard drives on the market just yet that can take advantage of its speed. The solution of course is to get an aftermarket enclosure like the one I have today from Hornettek called the Viper. This enclosure is small and well made; I put it up against another USB 3.0 enclosure and found that it actually performs a bit better.

Why I don’t like Apple.

One reason I don’t like Apple is that most everyone I’ve ever met who has an Apple product acts like they are better than everyone else. They act like because they have this device with a fruit on it they’re better than someone who doesn’t, like myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have two iPod nanos actually, the 4th and 5th generations of them, so it’s not like I don’t own any. I’ve actually known people who own Apple products who actually thought less of me when they found out I own and use PCs. Those are the kinds of people I don’t need in my life obviously. To each his own though, use whatever makes you happy.

The next reason I don’t care for Apple is the closed ecosystem they run, which seems to have gotten better actually with jail breaking etc. So that’s not too bad I guess, things can get better I hope.

The main reason I don’t care for them is that I can’t get their products for review. I’ve been doing this for years. The ones I have reviewed were purchased myself. I’ve emailed them over and over again, and not once have I ever gotten an email response from them. I did get a call from them, twice actually. Two responses over how many years isn’t that great in my book.

The first call I got they promised they’d send me something to review, this was when the 3rd gen iPod Touch came out, I was on the list and it was on the way. Never got it, never heard anything more about it. Never heard anything from them at all when the iPad 1 came out.

The next call I got was about the iPad 2, I was surprised they called, but of course they couldn’t provide me with one for review. Reviews were everywhere, and they were still appearing after the call, but they didn’t have any for review for me. The kicker is that I didn’t even want one for free, I wanted to ask about seeing if there might have been some ‘reviewer’ discount on one as some companies do that if you want to keep the product, but the call ended before I could even ask.

I’ve got three kids, it’s not like I’ve got an extra $500+ floating around to play with at the moment so buying one to review myself isn’t something I can do right now, or most times actually. Having one would open up quite a bit of other review options as well of course like apps and accessories.

Oh well… maybe I’ll hit the lottery.. but then I’d have to actually play it to win right?!



It’s shopped! We’ve all heard that expressions it means something has been altered. It’s usually a photograph that’s been doctored trying to make something funny, but it can be a professional job like a magazine cover. We’ve seen good and bad shops, so are so bad they’re funny, and some are so good you can’t even tell. I’ve been using a computer for many years and I’ve ever used Photoshop, believe it or not. I’ve used many other programs for editing photos and for what I do they work fine for my needs, but there are times when I wish I could do more. Adobe Photoshop is the premiere choice for photo editing of course, it’s where the term ‘shop’ came from. Today I have a quick review of the new version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 & Premiere Elements 9. Photoshop Elements is basically Photoshop while Premiere Elements is a video editing and creation suite of software.

Review: Dance Paradise




Quote: Dance Paradise is a game certainly made for young people to enjoy, or older people who drink a lot. It’s a fun game with cartoony graphics as you use your avatar to play it. The game includes 40 original songs and videos from today’s popular artists like Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and many more that I’m sure you’ll recognize. Some of them I’ve never heard of, but dancing and hip-hop aren’t really my thing at all. The game is played with the Kinect so you’ll be dancing the night away in front of your TV by yourself or with friends in the multiplayer modes.