Texting and Driving needs to be illegal everywhere.

The other day I’m driving and I look in my mirror and I see this car right behind me swerving back and forth into the next lane and into the oncoming traffic lane. It’s woman as I found out when we came to the stop light, but then I see she texting, she’s holding the phone on top of her steering wheel and typing. If I didn’t know what she was doing I would have thought she was drunk by the way she was driving, she was behind me for about a mile, but thankfully I had to turn off. She came very close to hitting me several times at stop lights and stop signs, and I watched as she would just sit there still typing as the rest of the traffic continued on when the light changed green. The cars behind her would beep and she’d go and speed up of course. The point is though that she was blatantly texting while driving and she could have caused a very bad accident, and maybe she did, I don’t know as I said I turned off to my destination, but what is so important that you’ve got to endanger your life and the lives of other people around you?

I hate texting, I hate talking on the phone while I’m driving, when I’m in the car I always have my Bluetooth headset on to answer any calls, and I’ll never make a call while I’m driving. If I need to make a call my passenger, if I have one, can dial my phone, if I’m by myself I’ll wait till I get to where I’m going. Usually though there’s no one that I need to talk to that can’t wait a few minutes..

There’s enough I’ve got to pay attention to like people running red lights and going through stop signs, and any phone call I’ve got to make can wait until I get to my destination.

None of you are that important that you must have a phone glued to your head at all times, and surely you’re not that important that you must text while driving..