My son turned three!

Yep, another year has gone by, my baby boy is growing up.. since my mom and grandma are not doing well at all DSCF4453 we had a little party for Vinnie’s third birthday down my moms this past Friday. Even though my mom is sick she still likes doing things for her Grandkids, Vinnie wanted a Vanilla cake with vanilla icing and vanilla ice cream with it as well, and of course that’s what Grandma made him and got him.

He had lots of fun and talked about it all week, he was DSCF4465 so excited, he kept talking about how he was going to have three candles on his cake and sing happy birthday and blow out his candles. I think he was more excited about that than the presents really, on Saturday he wanted us to put the candles back on the cake and sing Happy Birthday again to him.. so of course we did, and we all had birthday cake for breakfast!

He loved the cake, at one point he just gave up with¬† DSCF4480the fork and dug in with his hands, what the heck right, it’s his birthday so why not?!