Large Hadron Collider

This is an odd post for me, something off the norm, but then again there’s not much ‘normal’ to this blog anyway right?

So the Large Hadron Collider or LHC is going to be coming on very soon, and honestly I’m a bit excited about it, I’ve always loved physics, or quantum physics to be exact, it’s those things that you can’t see but are there that interest me, and their interactions and reactions that intrigue me.

I’ve always been under the impression that there are even smaller things out there that we don’t know about, sure we can see into atoms etc, but I don’t think that’s the end of it, not at all, we as a civilization are not advanced enough to ‘see’ everything, at least that’s my take on it anyway, there’s more out there, more that will be discovered eventually and the LHC is the first step towards that I believe.

When the LHC comes online fully in about less than a years time I believe we’re going to learn quite a lot, answer many questions about physics and of course produce a whole lot more questions to be answered.

Looking at the cost of the LHC, it’s around $15Billion US dollars, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t much at all really, I mean look at the Iraq War, were talking hundreds of billions of dollars and they’re predicting over a trillion before it’s done and over…

I’m not bitching about the war, it’s more about the fact that the United States at one point was building their own LHC or our name for it was the Superconducting Super Collider or SSC, but the funding was cut and it was canceled.. Why? because our wonderful government didn’t think it was feasible, or they thought there was basically no reason for it… our politicians didn’t and still don’t understand the ramifications this could have on the scientific community overall, and specifically in physics.

It’s a shame that for the moronic wisdom of our government we are going to be basically left out of these discoveries, not really left out, but we could have been on the cutting edge of physics, our country could have been known for something other than war-mongering, obesity, and gluttony…

Now the history books will read about the LHC in Switzerland/France, when they make these discoveries, instead of the US, I guess we’ll be known for spending the most money on a war.. I guess they feel that’s something anyway.

Our priorities are not where they should be, our meaning our government, we should be thinking of advancing our knowledge, advancing our strength in science, but I guess there’s no money to be made in it so they figured why bother right? I suspect that they thought there’s no military applications for this so what’s the point?! It is a shame really what we squander our money on isn’t it?

Seriously though, there really hasn’t been any major leaps or advancements in the field of physics, it’s remained relatively stagnate for the last few decades really, it’s a shame that we, the United States, had a chance to possibly progress physics to a new level of knowledge and understanding.

If I recall correctly the SSC was canceled in 1993 by the US Governement, and in 1995 the LHC was approved for construction.. now estimating we can say it took 13 years for the LHC to be completed, now if the SSC took that long it would have been finished and online now for about 2 years, imagine what we could have learned already in those two years? In affect we could say that by cancelling the SSC we set physics back a few years really… but they had to spend their money on something else…

oh and I have to mention about these goofs out there saying that the LHC is going to create a black hole and it’s going to swallow the earth, that’s just too funny really, and yeah the earth is flat too… my favorite is the lawsuit about it, these goofs are suing to stop construction fo the LHC because of their fears, that’s truly a waste of the judical system… if it does create a black hole to swallow the earth etc, we’ll never know really, it will happen so fast that we won’t even feel it, and I doubt there would be any warning either… maybe the guys at the LHC will notice it for a split second, but there won’t be time to alert anyone.. oh well, I guess if I’m going to go that would be a painless and quick way to do it

of course not to mention the aliens out there, the instant creation of a black hole will really get their attention focused on our little corner of the galaxy anyway right?