G.I.Joe and Cobra Blueprints batch 1

Now that we’re adults and the nearest thing we come to “playing” is when we play poker with our buddies some nights, it’s easy to forget the toys that helped shaped our childhood. I had a rude awakening on this.

So having kids I decided to go down my Moms house and raid the attic to see what toys I might have that they’d like to play with, my Mom kept quite a bit of my stuff down there, she’s the type of person who thinks it that sort of stuff might be worth something someday or if I have kids they might like it…

I found a whole bunch of my old G.I. Joe stuff,  I had forgotten that I used to have my Moms boyfriend laminate the blueprints that came with each toy for me, so they are in excellent shape, so I figured why not scan them in and share them..

Here’s the first batch of them, I’ve got a whole lot more to scan in yet though:

(you can click the pics for hi-res versions, and they’re big average 4000+ x 6000+ resolution is size!)

First is G.I. Joe scans then a few Cobra afterwards…

Ammo Dump and Wolverine

FLAK Attack Cannon and Checkpoint

Forward Observer and HAL

Machine Gun Defense Unit and MANTA

MMS and Mortar Defense Unit


SLUGGER and Whirlwind

Weapons transport vehicle

and here’s a few Cobra Scans:

landing craft and rifle range


as I said I’ve got a while bunch more yet to scan,  some are really big so I’m not quite sure how to scan them in yet….

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