Windows Vista- 1yr later

Well I’ve been using Vista Ultimate for about a year now, off and on, I have it installed on a second hard drive in my system so I can switch them when I want to use either WinXP or Vista. I’m using mobile racks with power switches on them so I can just turn one off and the other on to use the different operating systems.

So far I’ve ran into no real problems with Vista, and I just can’t figure out  why everyone is constantly bitching about using Vista?!

I remember when Windows XP came out, I got it two days after it came out and it was a nightmare…  I couldn’t use my scanner for about 8 months until they came out with a patch for XP, my printer at the time was a new Hp Photosmart brand, I had just got it about two months before XP came out, it was newly released so I figured there shouldn’t be a problem, well I was wrong, I lost most of the functionality I liked about the printer. Yes of course about two months later HP came out with a workaround for using the printer with XP, but still I didn’t have the functionality I wanted, I could use it as a basic printer but that’s not why I bought it, it cost me a little over $200 (after rebate of course) for this photo quality printer that became a standard inkjet printer under Windows XP.

of course there were many, many, many other problems  I ran into as well with numerous other compatibility issues with software, games and other hardware, with Vista I have no real problems like I did when I installed XP. Sure there are a couple goofy things but hardware wise everything I have worked as soon as I installed Vista.

I just can’t figure out why everyone bitches about Vista, as I said I did not have any of the problems I had when I upgraded to XP. My Vista installation was smooth and basically problem free overall.

All of those people out there complaining about Vista are the same ones that complained about XP when it came out, but now they’ve just changed their tune to Vista. They were saying the exact same things about XP when it came out, but yet I can’t see a basis for their complaints, at least from my stand point that is…

I think those bitching just don’t like change, or maybe they can’t handle it?!

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