Daily Archives: December 29, 2007

Christmas and the coming New Year

If you read my earlier post a couple days ago you’ll know I’ve got the flu.. well I got it from my middle son Nick who was sick and throwing up the 24th and 25th, great Christmas for him eh? Then my oldest Kristofer, got sick as well, he was throwing up also, just one day though.. and of course now I feel like a truck ran me over and all i want to do is sleep.. my wife is sick to but it’s nowhere near as bad, just stuffy nose and slight cough… luckily the baby hasn’t got sick…

So that’s how we spent Christmas…

now I just found out how I’m going to be spending my New Year apparently as well… they’ve just taken my mom to the hospital with Kidney and Liver failure, and a possible infection on top of that… and I can’t go to the hospital to see her because I am sick….

this does not bode well for my New Year does it……..?

Life just sucks sometimes doesn’t it?!

Happy Fucking New Year eh?!

Scythe Ninja Copper

Now this is cool.. and yeah the pun was intended.. I’ve just go the new all Copper version of Scythes’ Famous Ninja CPU cooler..

This thing is sweet!! I love the copper color, it’s much better than the original silver colored version.. The box mentions it’s the Anniversary Edition, I’ve got it all installed and running tests now on it, one thing great is that you can run it with no fan at all so you can make your system all that much quieter!

Click the pics to get larger views:

ninja2.JPG  ninja21.JPG

Here is a picture comparing the Ninja Copper to a few others I’ve got on hand:


Left to right:

Coolink Silentator, Thermalright Ultima 90, Scythe Ninja Copper, Noctua NH -U12 and of course down front is the stock Intel CPU Cooler.

And here’s a quick shot of it installed in my case, it’s big, but not as big as some…


I’ll have the review up next week on DragonSteelMods for it..