Hershey’s Organic Chocolate

I love chocolate and always have, but of course as I grew up I became a bit more sensitive to ‘good’ chocolate and was always willing to try something new.  Pretty much every kid likes chocolate and knows the name Hershey and has their fair share of Hershey Chocolate Bars.

Personally the original Hershey bar isn’t my thing, it’s ok, but I’d rather not eat one… but ever since I can remember I’ve loved the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bars and I remember as a kid eating all of the miniature Special  Dark bars out of the assortment bags my Grandma would buy.

So I went shopping at Toy ‘R Us last week to get stuff for my kids for Christmas and I looked around for something for myself also and really couldn’t find anything I wanted.. imagine that, out of all those toys I couldn’t find something for me!

Anyway on my way to check out I came across a candy display and the Hershey’s Organic Chocolate bars caught my eye, of course being something new I had to grab them both, the Dark and Milk Chocolate varieties.


Oddly though when I went to look these up on the Hershey’s website they aren’t there anywhere… and I searched quite a bit more and really found nothing listed about them really anywhere, just a gift basket with mini Organic Chocolate bars in it on the Hershey’s site.

In my research though I found that Hershey’s recently purchased  Dagoba Organic Chocolate (press release here) and my guess is that these bars I picked up are somehow related to that. On the packaged it says they are made in Germany, but that’s about it.

The chocolate comes wrapped in thick paper, almost cardboard covering with the actual chocolate wrapped in foil inside.


The Milk chocolate bar was a bit beaten up, but the Dark chocolate was in perfect shape:


As I said I like Dark chocolate very much, but not this one… it’s very acidic and leaves a nasty aftertaste in your mouth, unlike other dark chocolate bars I’ve tried. I’ve tried many, many types of chocolate with varying degrees of cacao percentages, I think 80% was the highest I’ve tried so far. This bar does not mention the percentage of cacao, but it can’t be that much if it’s not mentioned right? Overall I’d stay away from this bar of chocolate even if you’re curious as I was…

The Milk chocolate Organic bar on the other hand though was very, very good, making me wish I had bought two of those. It has a nice creamy texture with hints of fruit and a slight coffee taste as well, but not very sweet either, it’s as close to a perfect Milk Chocolate bar as I’ve tried in a long time.