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Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program

If you’re not digital ready you can get a $40 off coupon from the Federal Government to help defer the cost of switching to digital.  There is a slight catch, the coupon is only valid for 90 days. Supposedly the boxes will run about $60, and most big name retailers will be carrying them.  For those who don’t know February 17th 2009 is the day that analog TVs will basically no longer work, and only digital signals will be transmitted…—

Starting January 1, 2008, all U.S. households will be eligible to request up to two coupons, worth $40 each, to be used toward the purchase of up to two, digital-to-analog converter boxes. For more details on the federal regulations, including the budget information, please see the DTV Converter Box Coupon Program Rules.

You need to go here to get your $40 off coupon starting tomorrow Jan 1st 2008.

There’s a brochure explaining the basics of the program HERE in PDF format.


as if anyone cares I just took my temperature and it’s 101.9F, from what I gather that’s not too good…but not that bad either… depends who you talk to

I’ve got chills that are actually painful, I’ve never experienced anything like that before, so this is a new experience for me.. and I think I’m dehydrated…hmm

and my mom, well she needs to have her gallbladder removed on top of all of this…

she does have an infection in her kidneys which they are giving her anti-biotics for, and she the Dr said she has two choices, either a liver transplant and deal with the anti-rejection drugs all her life or go back to hospital every few weeks to get the fluid drained for the next couple years and see what happens then…

hmm.. diary of a sick person?!

oh well… I need to pass out

Christmas and the coming New Year

If you read my earlier post a couple days ago you’ll know I’ve got the flu.. well I got it from my middle son Nick who was sick and throwing up the 24th and 25th, great Christmas for him eh? Then my oldest Kristofer, got sick as well, he was throwing up also, just one day though.. and of course now I feel like a truck ran me over and all i want to do is sleep.. my wife is sick to but it’s nowhere near as bad, just stuffy nose and slight cough… luckily the baby hasn’t got sick…

So that’s how we spent Christmas…

now I just found out how I’m going to be spending my New Year apparently as well… they’ve just taken my mom to the hospital with Kidney and Liver failure, and a possible infection on top of that… and I can’t go to the hospital to see her because I am sick….

this does not bode well for my New Year does it……..?

Life just sucks sometimes doesn’t it?!

Happy Fucking New Year eh?!

Scythe Ninja Copper

Now this is cool.. and yeah the pun was intended.. I’ve just go the new all Copper version of Scythes’ Famous Ninja CPU cooler..

This thing is sweet!! I love the copper color, it’s much better than the original silver colored version.. The box mentions it’s the Anniversary Edition, I’ve got it all installed and running tests now on it, one thing great is that you can run it with no fan at all so you can make your system all that much quieter!

Click the pics to get larger views:

ninja2.JPG  ninja21.JPG

Here is a picture comparing the Ninja Copper to a few others I’ve got on hand:


Left to right:

Coolink Silentator, Thermalright Ultima 90, Scythe Ninja Copper, Noctua NH -U12 and of course down front is the stock Intel CPU Cooler.

And here’s a quick shot of it installed in my case, it’s big, but not as big as some…


I’ll have the review up next week on DragonSteelMods for it..

Blah. Sick. Flu.

Merry Christmas to me I guess…  I got the flu apparently… I’m miserable, I was in bed (sort of, not that really slept) last night at 7:30pm…  actually it was the couch I was lying on not bed as I figure why should I bother my wife with me being sick, and besides all I did was toss and turn all night anyway, coughing and just generally not sleeping..

Three heavy blankets on and I was still shivering and cold, but yet of course I was sweating… I hate being sick… everything hurts… blah

I hate Christmas.

Yep I’m probably considered a ‘Scrooge‘ but I honestly hate Christmas and all that it has become, everything that Christmas was is gone from it, it’s all commercialized now and it’s all about having your hand out to get something. It has become the ‘gimme’ holiday and that’s about it, everyone expects something and the commerce industry has made it so you feel guilty if you don’t go and buy something for everyone.  I can’t wait till it’s all over, I’m sick of dealing with people in more of a hurry and more rude than they are normally are the rest of the year…

-Scrooge image from

anyway I’ve got some cool stuff for review over at DSM, I guess that’s something good, but that’s business as usual..

Thermalright sent me over their Ultima-90 Heatsink:


Brando sent me over a cool credit card sized2gig mp3 player, it even included some music from Asia as well!


and I got some other stuff as well… so I’ll be busy for a while, even posting a review tonight…

Christmas… Bah-Humbug!

Digg violates human rights?!

Not exactly violating human rights from what I see, but it’s more of a discrimination thing against gays and lesbians..

To me it doesn’t matter which way you go, I’ve had some best friends that were gay/lesbian, but from what I’ve seen on Digg they are a bit discriminatory against gays and lesbians unless of course it involves a lesbian sex scene or lesbians kissing etc, then of course it’ll hit the front page of Digg….

Becky over at Girl in Short Shorts has been banned from Digg (link HERE to read more), but it gets more interesting when another lesbian related site gets banned from Digg, Lesbiatopia is the name of the site. Apparently the site just doesn’t have enough lesbian sex scenes in it to get dugg by the little boys over there, so of course it gets banned…

There is a mob mentality over at Digg yes, sometimes that’s good but when the mentality is immature then there’s going to be a problem as is happening here now.

So Lesbiatopia is taking things a step further and charging Digg with Human Rights Violations, and is taking their concerns to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission with allegations of homophobia and misogyny. Read about it HERE on their site..

Sometimes we’ve seen the mob over at Digg bury things with their wonderful ‘bury brigade’, but then of course we know for fact that Digg editors bury and/or delete things as well.

Digg is a great site, or at least it was at one point in time, it has changed quite a bit since its humble beginnings, I think they’ve grown to the point where they feel they are above everyone else. What Lesbiatopia is doing might be what’s called for here, maybe bring Digg and its ilk down back to reality, a bit more grounded and bit more understanding to all views..

While I’m sure it will be hard to prove, it will prove to be bad press for Digg though… and that may lead to needed changes in their system.