Daily Archives: November 28, 2007

Bloggers Showroom

A couple days ago I was browsing around a bit and ran across a very interesting site called Bloggers Showroom, the idea of the site is to showcase blogs essentially, but it’s more than that really…

One of the more interesting parts of Bloggers Showroom is that it can actually help to make your blog or website a better one. The owner, Vince Enzo, takes a nice large screenshot of your site and posts it, under that are several questions about the appearance, feel and style of your site so others can vote on it and you can see what people think of your site.

To submit a site you’ll have to join the site, free of  course, and then vote and comment on two other sites he has listed, then he puts your site on the front page just like the others.

It’s a great idea really, and it can help bring traffic to you as well by allowing people to ‘discover’ your site through Bloggers Showroom.

I submitted DragonSteelMods to Bloggers Showroom, and I’ll be submitting this site as well soon..

You can see the page about DragonSteelMods HERE and vote on it as well.

So hop on over and join, vote/comment on a few sites and submit your own to the Bloggers Showroom! I like the idea a lot, it’s a really cool concept!

I’ve had four people vote for me already and I can see that someone voted the worst for me for every question.. That’s nice of them wasn’t it? Thanks!

Click HERE to go there About page to learn more about them.