ATM Fees Suck!

I’m sure most people already know that ATM fees are just stupid, why should we have to pay blackmail to get access to our own money?

Seriously though, does it really cost $3 for a bank that is not mine to let me use their machine and give me money? So basically they are charging me three dollars for them to connect to my bank and see if there’s enough money to give me what I requested.. It’s goofy, it’s extortion is what it is…

So I had to go downtown recently and of course there were no parking spots on the street so i had to use a parking garage, it sucks really because I only had to run in for a quick 15minute meeting, but of course I got charged for 30 minutes. Luckily this was on a Saturday and 30 minutes to 1 hour is only $2 at the garage I parked in.

Normally I like to have some cash on me, or I’ll hit the ATM on my way to town, well that day I didn’t have any cash and of course the ATM was out of order at my bank, they were doing the maintenance on it… So of course I figured I’d be alright because I had change for the meter or I could just use my card to pay for a parking garage.. So as I said there were no spots on the street to park so I went into the garage to park, well when I got done with my appointment I went to pay, it’s all automated so there is no one there to take your money, and when I try to pay I find out that the machines are not accepting credit cards right now… So my nearest bank is about 5 blocks away, I really didn’t want to walk, so I hit the closest ATM that was only about 100Yards from the parking garage. I took $10 out, got charged $3 by that bank, so I get my statement in the mail from my bank and THEY CHARGED ME $1.50 as well for that transaction!

So it essentially it costs me $6.50 to park for 15 minutes. The ATM charged me $3, my bank charged me $1.50 for using a strange ATM and the parking was only $2….

$4.50 FEE for withdrawing $10 OF MY MONEY!

There’s something wrong with this system, there really is…