This post is basically a thank you link to Streamlight for taking care of fixing my flashlight…

Long story short, my cousin died last year, committed suicide, and his wife either threw away his stuff or gave it away. He was into law enforcement so he had quite a collection of related items, and one of the cooler things he owned were various flashlights. So after he died, his wife sold the house and moved out, she said to go in and take whatever I wanted because the new owners were going to demolish it anyway for a parking lot. Well, it’s a shame really the stuff that she left, all the cupboards were full of food, I found literally thousands of pictures of him and the kids and a whole lot of other stuff that most people would not be throwing away… but anyway, one of the things that she left was his Streamlight SL-20XP, if you know about flashlights then Streamlight should be a common name to you, if not, well, they are pretty much the best lights going.

They are very big in law enforcement, emergency services etc because they are extremely durable, lightweight and very bright, and rechargable as well. After bringing the SL-20XP home I found that the switch didn’t quite work right, and Streamlight does offer a lifetime warranty on their products, but I wasn’t sure how it would work since I wasn’t the original owner. So I emailed them and they said to send it back for repairs, not only did they replace the switch, but they gave me a brand new battery and lens as well. The customer service through email was excellent, very friendly and helpful. I’m very happy with my ‘new’ light, that also comes with quite a few memories as well.

I own two 3D cell Maglights and like them very much, I keep one in my car at all times, they are great lights overall, but the Streamlight is much better honestly. It might not be as heavy as the Mag, but it’s much brighter, my 3D cell mag has peak beam candle power of 22,000 with an average of 76.8 Lumens, while the Streamlight has 25,000 peak beam candle power and 150 lumens, this thing is extremely bright, it will brighten up any area…

Anyway, I just wanted to throw a link to Streamlight up, and let everyone know about their great products and excellent customer service!! They really went above and beyond for me, thanks guys!

Here’s a pic of the Streamlight, I have the all black version, and the specs are following the pic…


The SL-20XP is a full size professional grade, lightweight, high-intensity, rechargeable flashlight.

8 watt halogen bulb with a 100-hour lifetime
Pre-focused halogen beam of up to 25,000 peak beam candlepower; 150 lumens
Lightweight, super-tough nylon polymer case with non-slip rubber comfort grip
Runs 1.5 hours
Constant-on and momentary modes
Three-position (on-off-blink) push-button switch guaranteed for life
High-capacity sub-C, nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery
Length: 13”
Weight: 16 oz.
Available in black, yellow or orange

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