Daily Archives: May 6, 2007

About Career Ramblings

There are so many blogs out there today, where does one go to find good content? We have so many choices where to go, and honestly a lot of them just aren’t that great. Most of the blogs you’ll run across have to do with making money online, and they usually have no clue what they are talking about. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good blogs about doing this, but they are few and far between…


If you are looking for something with good content that is actually helpful you can stop over at Jane May Blogs, she has quite a bit of very good information about ways to make money online. She mentions many tips, tricks and just good ways to do the things you want to, online and even in ‘real life’.


Jane May Blogs has sort of a sister site called Career Ramblings, that is essentially about career development, but has so much more there to take in. With a name like Career Ramblings I was pretty much expecting to see a blog about someone bitching and moaning about their career. Blogging about the things that go on in their life and workplace, but it is very far from that.


The tagline on the site is ‘Your Professional Development: steps to a successful future’, this tagline is very appropriate for some of the content on the site, as it does pertain to managing your future and making the most of it. Reading through it I found many posts about what students can do to help themselves better prepare for the future, very insightful and interesting reading.


A lot of what is on Career Ramblings is helpful stuff that pretty much anyone can use, even the most seasoned professional can learn something I’m sure, but there are some off-topic things that make Career Ramblings have a more personal feeling to it, it’s about business but yet not all business. It’s nice to read through and find sort of a break in the information to gain a bit more insight into the authors, and learn a bit more about who they are, it’s a nice personal touch I think.


Quite a bit of what you’ll find on Career Ramblings is advice to the newcomers that are trying to make a go at it in the workplace, such as resume writing tips, and interview tips. You’ll also find much more though, you’ll find advice on promoting an already established business and even tips for getting a business started. The things I’ve found on Career Ramblings are very insightful and helpful, things that can actually help you be everything you can be in your career and in your life. I even found home remodeling, and general money saving tips floating around in there.


Overall the writing in the career development related posts is intelligent but not to the point as to confuse people, it is written at a level where everyone can understand it easily, not quite layman’s terms, but still very understandable for even the novice entrepreneur or student. It is done in a friendly style as if they were talking directly to you, almost like you were sitting one on one chatting over coffee.


The look and feel of the blog is very good as well, the color scheme is subtle, but personally I might change that background to a darker shade of blue, the main banner sort of blends into it. There are not many ads around to distract you from your reading, they are well placed, and blend in nicely. One thing I might do if I were the owners though is watch the Google ads a bit and maybe filter them, while I was visiting, there was an ad for a ‘get rich quick scheme’ on Career Ramblings, it was gaudy and just out of place. It had, in gold lettering, ‘Get Rich!!!’, and the entire banner was done in a black and sort of metallic gold style. It seemed much out of place, and detracted from the professional feel of the site.


Being that I am a ‘professional’ reviewer I could go on and on, the best thing to do is stop by and start reading and learning from their collective knowledge, everyone can always learn more. So this is the end of my review for Career Ramblings, if you wish you can review them as well, it only needs to be 200 words, and they will link back to you, this of course will send a bit of traffic your way and help you out as well. So stop by and check out their Rules post to see what exactly you have to do to get back linked from a PR6 site.