Fix for netflix error code n8156-6013

Ok… this has annoyed me to no end.. I pay for Netflix but I can’t use it now that SilverLight 4 has been installed..

I’ve read several things about this problem.. Netflix blames Microsoft, and Microsoft in turn blames Netflix.

I read about deleting the PlayReady folder, don’t do that then you’ll get the DRM error.. uninstalling PlayReady doesn’t work either so don’t try that either.

I’ve read that it’s because I’m running Windows 7 64bit…  we’ll never know what the problem is and frankly I don’t care I just want it fixed, but for now I’ve got a fix..

The ONLY fix right now is to run an older SilverLight or SillverLight 3… Netflix has updated their site so you can’t get it from them now, they have only version 4…

I’ve just spent the last hour or trying to find SilverLight 3 and it’s nowhere to be found for download so I did something a bit sneaky and right now as I type this I’ve got Full Metal Jacket playing in the FireFox in the Netflix player on my other monitor.. SUCCESS!

I bet you’re wondering what I did..

Well go to the Microsoft SilverLight 3 SDK page here:

but you won’t be downloading the SDK.. you’ll scroll down the page to Instructions and find the link for this:
“To build Silverlight 3 applications, you can install Silverlight 3 for Developers here.”

Here’s a screen capture, it’s the last line..

That will let you download essentially what is Silverlight 3 or to be exact it’s version#: 3.0.50106.0

and voila you now have Netflix that works!

If I were you I would make a backup of that file you downloaded somewhere as I have done myself..

Enjoy your movies!!


UPDATED: another part of the fix here:


  • Dave

    Had the same error with Netflix and a search of the error code brought me here. Installing Silverlight 3 from your link fixed the problem for me. Windows 7 x64. Thanks for posting a fix!

  • Kristofer

    Glad I could help.. It was really p*ssing me off to no end that I couldn’t watch Netflix anymore.. I get some DVDs, but most of my use is through streaming and I was determined to find a fix for it and I did..

  • DJC

    Called Netflix about this, and the issue is DRM and obtaining the license after the Silverlight 4 update. The Netflix Silverlight application running on Windows 7 x64 cannot write to this pre-existing file:


    If you have other DRM content (besides Netflix content), if you follow this procedure, you may not be able to access your old stored content on your hard drive.

    It’s very simple really. First, go ahead and let your system upgrade to Silverlight 4.

    Close all browsers and/or Windows Media Center. To preserve the old data (should your need it), rename mspr.hds to mspr.hds.old (or something like that). When you run the Netflix application again, it will create a new mspr.hds file, and Netflix streaming content should be available again.

    The tech I spoke with at Netflix said they were using an undocumented Silverlight feature and/or an implementation that was not standard for DRM and that’s what caused the problem with the Netflix application.

  • Kristofer Brozio

    Well I don’t know about that.. I tried again to install Silverlight 4 and netflix would still not work

  • elteebee

    Thanks for the silverlight 3 link. That fixes it for me.

  • http://Netflix Graeme

    Renaming mspr.hds worked for me. I found it in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady

  • William

    Renaming mspr.hds worked for me as well.

  • Rafay

    Hi – I was having this problem after upgrading to Vista sp2. After trying to watch a Netflix online movie, i looked online and found the same solution about Silverlight 4. I uninstalled and ran Netflix instant watch to install Silverlight 3. The error didn’t go away. I realized I had changed the system time back 1 month to allow a beta version of another program to continue working. I tried changing the clock to the correct time, and Netflix Instant Watch started working.

  • Jesse

    Okay well I’m tempted to give things a try but kind of worried on something. About the only DRM stuff I have on my system are some music from Zunepass subscription. If I delete/rename this file so Netflix can make it will my zunepass music still work?

  • Thomas Mueller

    After running the battery down in my laptop watching netflix, i had the same error code N8156-6013 when i rebooted the next day. I checked the system time/date and it was reset to January 1st. I adjusted it to the correct date and all is good now. I was nad still am using Silverlight 4. Bottomline: Make sure your PC’s date and time is correct.

  • Kristofer Brozio

    I think you just got lucky with the time changing thing there.. I’ve tried it again with SilverLight4 and it won’t work for me, so I’m back to running Silverlight3 again.. it works, I’m happy

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  • BVfan

    Thanks for the SL3 link. WMC NetFlix worked like it is supposed to, finally. I have W7 Home Premium 32 bit.

  • david

    THANKS… figured it was something on netflix’s end for the past week, as i never noticed a silverlight update, this took care of it though, no longer a problem, running win7 x64 as well.

  • keith

    Yes, thanks for this fix. I just replaced the motherboard and CPU on my Windows 7 x32 machine. Windows made me reactivate but Netflix refused to play anymore. Reinstalling Silverlight4 did not help but your SL3 trick did work after I restarted Chrome. My netflix experience has been so great, this is the first problem I have had. I hope they fix it soon.

  • IR

    “Make sure your PC’s date and time is correct.”

    Hey Thomas Mueller that did it for me!

  • Nerdburg

    Renaming mspr.hds worked for me too.

  • mememe

    That link is for the Windows application. Does anyone know of one for Macs? I very positive that Microsoft does not provide their SDKs for Macs. Same as Apple does not provide any for PCs. Sucks, I guess I’m gonna have to cancel Netflix.

  • obama


  • heyyy

    link for macs please?

  • netflixwatcher

    Renaming it worked great. Thanks a ton.

  • netflixuser

    “Make sure your PC’s date and time is correct.”

    That worked for me as well! Thank you!

  • j.l. holland

    i have been working on this for days and days. with and without netflix tech support. which was kinda less tech and more support. silverlight just kept going back to version 4 update. so with your help and the added security of no never not in a million years update silverlight, i can now watch ian mcshane play an evil bishop again. i love you. almost as much as i love ian mcshane. thanks.

  • Ray Roman

    FOR MAC USERS: After an hour or so of searching for a MAC link I finally found it! Go here and at the bottom download ‘runtime\Silverlight.3.0_Developer.dmg’. After you uninstall Silverlight 4 this should work. I read somewhere you might have to clear your cache so I uninstalled 4, cleared my cache in safari, restarted the computer and then installed Silverlight.3.0_Developer and it worked! Hopefully this works for you because after (only a day) without Netflix I was trippin out!

  • Phil F

    If you’re using a Mac, the mspr.hds is the culprit. Deleting that file will fix the problem. Just remember after you delete it, it may take 10-20 seconds before Netflix player starts the movie because it first has to recreate the mspr file. Here’s where that file is:

    HD > Library > Application Support > Microsoft > PlayReady > mspr.hds

    Quit the browser, delete the file, relaunch the browser. Voi la.


  • Don

    I got the same error code with the Mac (Snow Leopard) – after finding this page, I dug up the Silverlight 3 dmg file and reinstalled – voila, everything began playing again normally. Netflix should be paying you for support! Thanks so much – Don

  • Zb

    Okay, so now netflix has made it impossible for their users to use SL3… and my computer still has the error code once I install the latest version. Using SL3 was my solution as well up until now. Any new suggestions/info on this issue? I even canceled my membership and am now admittedly, missing my instant watch of movies.

  • Zb

    Okay, I changed the file name like mentioned above and that worked! Love whoever you are!!! 😀

  • http://yahoo Misael

    Worked as a charm…Thank you very much…brillant!

  • http://netflix Scott

    Yep, worked for error 8006. I’d deleted .lproj file I didn’t need. Silverlight didn’t appreciate my harddrive cleaning. Reinstalled Silverlight 4.0, deleted the file. Works. Guess MS wants to litter your harddrive.

  • Jacob

    Renaming mspr.hds worked for me in WMC on Win7 x64. Thank you person.

  • lindsey

    It worked!! Yay!!!!!! THANK YOU!

  • John

    Great fix. finally solved this ongoing problem that no one else seemed to know what to do. By the way my problem was on an upgraded 32 bit windows 7 untlimate system so I had a different issue but the fix worked.


  • Christian

    or you could go to and do a search for silverlight then download whatever version you want.

  • henry

    A delete of mspr.hds worked for me, thanks! (OSX 10.6.4)

  • fattire

    It worked Thanks!

  • Nick

    Got the fix but netflix wants me to get the latest version of silverlight and there is no way around. Suggestions?

  • Paul

    Chalk another one up for the file rename/delete fix

    On WinXp, the file is in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds

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  • iCantTELL

    Rename worked for me to. Thank you.

  • Donmega

    Sweet 8lb baby Jesus!! It worked for me as well.


  • MikeS10

    Thanks – that worked – now i have to make certain it doesn’t get updated by microsoft – cheers and thanks

  • JF

    Rename didn’t work for me, but the downgrade to Silverlight 3 did. Win7_x64. I’ve been stuck with this issue for 2 weeks. Thanks so much for the info. Netflix support tried to tell me it was sporadic performance from Comcast, despite the fact that my notebooks and Wii didn’t have issues over wireless, while my wired main computer continued to have these issues.

  • Verbosity

    After months of logging off my user account to access shutdown w/out installing updates the Renaming mspr.hds worked for me. I also found it in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady (Windows 7 64 bit).

    Just a FYI to those who haven’t gone to Windows 7 yet: unlike earlier versions, when you go to your shutdown menu while logged in, you no longer have an option to shutdown without installing updates if you use notify without installing option. Without 3rd party options (or command line interface), you need to log off FIRST and then use the arrow selector on the power off button on the login screen.

    No matter, just tested SL4 w/Nexflix Watch Instantly. I just wish Nexflix had put the fix in the error message so that I could have fixed this months ago. Time to re-enable auto-update and regain my security updates.

  • AuntiePandora

    that renaming worked! I recently put a new harddrive in my laptop as well as more RAM. obviously it screwed things up. but 10 mins later, netflix is back on! wohoo!!

  • Danny

    I run Netflix through Firefox with OSX 10.6.4. Changing the name of the mspr.hds file in /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/PlayReady fixed the problem with Netflix giving the error code N8156-6013.

  • Sachacat1

    I have a Mac and I was having a problem with Netflix’s “Internet Connection Problem – error code N8101-106”, which kept coming up anytime I tried to watch and instant movie. I tried to uninstall Silverlight v.4 and install v.3, spent a lot of time and had many problems, and still, the same error code would come up. So, today, I discovered that the problem was created by the built in Firewall in my Mac. The firewall was turned on, and I didn’t know it. Once I figured that out,the solution was this: I added Microsoft Silverlight (the software that Netflix uses to play instant movies on your computer) to the list of software allowed to accept incoming connections to the computer. To get to the firewall, click the apple symbol, then click on “System Preferences”, then click on “Security” and on “Firewall” at the top. If the firewall is on, you’ll see a green button and it will say it’s on. Click the padlock at the bottom to make changes, enter the username and password for the administrator account of your mac, then click on the “Advanced” button on the bottom right. Look at the list of software that is allowed to accept incoming connections to see if Silverlight is on the list. If it isn’t, click the “+” (plus sign), and the applications folder will open. Click the blue scroll tab and drag it down until you see “Microsoft Silverlight”-click on it to select it and click the “Add” button at the bottom right. Close out the security window, open your Internet browser and go onto the Netflix website. Sign in and test it to see if you can then watch an instant movie. For my computer, this is what finally did the trick! Good luck!

  • paul (ann arbor)

    struggled with about 5 different fixes before stumbling across yours. worked the first time (had to re-boot, but i have an older system). now watching my netflix! thanks!!

  • Brad

    Worked great! thx!

  • cornel

    I am running windows 7 64bit with silverlight 4. To watch Netflix instant play all you need to do is run the browser as administrator (with administrator rights, right click browser icon on desktop -> select run as administrator)! There is no good fix available @ the moment. Hope this helps !

  • dcmodder

    win7 x64 here. found file in c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds. changed to mspr.hds.old. started up wmc, netflix said configuring video player, working.

  • djm7

    Thanks Kristofer. It worked for me first try. I’m sure you saved me hours of frustration.

  • Lauranda

    I’ve been watching Netflix on my PS3 for months now and last night decided I wanted a quick 30-min sitcom on my computer. Got the error. After reading through these responses, I looked for that file to delete but I don’t have it. I’m running XP. SO, this morning, I deleted Silverlight 4 from add/remove in control panel, and downloaded 3 from cnet. WORKS!

  • slice

    Sliverlight is horrible!

  • Steel_Venom

    Oh my gosh this worked!! thank you so much for figuring out what the issue is!! I’m so glad I can finally watch netflix again!

  • vidrineg

    Uninstalled 4 installed 3 and it worked thank you so much Gary in Louisiana

  • gavin

    going in circles carnt find mspr.hds file also tried installing silverlight 3.0 but netflix wont let me watch movies untill update as soon as i do that back to problem error please help if u can thanks

  • gavin

    forgot to add windows xp sp3

  • Shelley

    Thank you so much! That totally worked!

  • william

    renaming worked for me too thanks alot pissed me off too with the netflix silver light bull crap

  • Chris

    I got the same experience from Netflix today. Their final suggestion was that I contact Microsoft. They had me right click on the browser icon and run the browser as administrator. That worked. Not sure I like that, and I don’t know if I want to change the Silverlight version — will it mess up iTunes, Finale Notepad, etc. stuff?

  • Leon

    Win XP – had same problem: netflix n8156 error/date problem

    Couldn’t find the mspr.hds file, must be Apple based

    Tried a number of other fixes from other sites – didn’t work

    Uninstalled Sliverlight V 4

    Installed the Microsoft SilverLight 3 SDK and all is well with Netflix.

    Thank you for the fix!

  • Timmy

    Worked . . Thanks for the fix . My frustration is finally over .

  • Big Zac

    The link to developers silverlight 3 work like a champ for me, running Win7 32 bit.

  • Steven

    You’re Awesome. Thank you

  • Mike

    Thanks for the resolution…solved my frustration as well!!!

  • Bigga

    just adding the old to mspr.hds worked for me too, Windows 7 64
    found it here too C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady.

  • Bigga

    just adding the old to mspr.hds worked for me too, Windows 7 64
    found it here too C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks so much!!!!

  • CrowsFox

    You ROCK!! Thanks so much!! I went with renaming the file and Netflix is up and running again!! Thank you SO much!!!

  • Melissa


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  • matthew

    THANK you very much! that link worked like a charm as soon as i download it and installed it it was fix!

  • matthew

    fixed* lol

  • Purelica

    I have the same problem (Silverlight 4, on Win 7 64-bit), except for a few certain movies only, just weird. Not sure how to fix this. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear it. Thank you in advance. Btw, happy Holidays to all!

  • JD

    THANK YOU! I clicked your link for ‘here’ up above in the screen shot, downloaded it, and installed it. Worked great. Of course UNinstall Silverlight4 and do a reboot before installing v3. I’m on W7Ultimate 32bit. Netflix online had no information about the error code and the Netflix download points to v4. Why can’t they fix it? Ugh . . .

  • Rick

    I called Netflix and they had me open Run window enter %programdata% then in the microsoft folder open PlayReady and delete the file mspr.hds and it works fine. It will delete and protected content licenses in windows media center.

  • Someone

    The renaming of mspr.hds worked for me!

  • JD

    Thnk you so much for saving me from huge headaches…deleted any/all silverlights…went to the Microsoft link and installed the silverlight 3 for developers; restarted the pc and it’s all greatness; now if we could get Netflix to have better

    Went from (Vista 32bit) to (Win 7 64bit) professional…along w/ new 2TB’s of HD and for time being 4GB of memory

  • jessie

    i dont understand any of the mumbo jumbo….any suggestions for us non-techi people?

  • FK

    renaming the file worked. I have windows 7 64 and Silverlight 4

  • jessem

    rename worked for me

  • henry

    running win xp pro, service pack 2. I’ve tried all above and nothing works for me. Called Netflix and they could not figure it out so they referred me to MS. I called MS and they too could not get it to work. I’m still stuck. I can not even upgrade to ie8. I get an error message of (can not find Crytographic service on pc)Not sure what that is about but with ie6 I can not even log into netflix anymore. I down loaded firefox which lets me log in but then gives the error code.

  • henry

    Okay, I did some research on the Crytopgraphic error message and it was the cause of my issue with netflix not playing. The following link has an application that fixes the error.

    Step 1:

    Download the indispensable Dial-A-Fix application and extract it to a memorable folder.

  • robinhood1995

    Well it worked even though my time was dead on from my home domain controller!!!!!

  • robinhood1995

    For the non techies… go to controle panel and uninstall silverlight 4.0.x.x ( if not sure uninstall all silverlights versions )then click on the above link that the poster did above with the word HERE

    That will install silverlight 3 and you will be up and running!!!

  • Chris

    You don’t need to install or uninstall anything. Just do the following:
    1. Close all browser windows
    2. go to folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\
    3. Rename the file “mspr.hds” to something like “mspr.hds.old”
    4. Reopen browser and try again.

    Worked for me (I called Netflix and this was what they told me to do)

    P.S. This is for Windows XP. If you have other OS, call Netflix. They will help you.

  • PaoPao

    Oh man! after countless hours of searching a fix for my mac this is the only one that fix it!!!

  • scurry


  • beastie29a

    This fixed my Win7 64 bit system:

    “Renaming mspr.hds worked for me. I found it in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady”

    I actually removed it and that worked.

  • just so say thanks

    thanks guy the developer.exe works great

  • Jim

    Soo…….I’m a MAC guy – and I deleted the mspr.hds file and everything worked perfectly – for one day. Now, I’m back to square one and don’t know what to do. My mspr.hds file is still deleted, I’ve changed my DNS to (that’s worked for other people), I’ve made sure the firewall is turned off, and still nothing. This is the MOST FRUSTRATING THING EVER and I don’t undertstand why Netflix hasn’t fixed this yet. It’s been MONTHS!

  • Shekey

    Thanks for this fix! Finally finished building my new computer and glad that I can now enjoy my favorite pastime on it!

  • Aaron @ TST

    renaming mspr.hds also worked for me in Mac OS X 10.6.6 w/Google Chrome & Silverlight

  • Robothairgel

    Renaming the C:\media\seven-lt\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds file worked perfectly for me – we’ll see if it keeps up.

  • Chris

    Worked for me on my Windows 7 32bit laptop.

  • Drew

    Hey Thanks Chris your fix worked!!!!! I shall repost verbatim what Chris posted

    Chris Says:
    January 23rd, 2011 at 3:18 pm
    You don’t need to install or uninstall anything. Just do the following:
    1. Close all browser windows
    2. go to folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\
    3. Rename the file “mspr.hds” to something like “mspr.hds.old”
    4. Reopen browser and try again.
    Worked for me (I called Netflix and this was what they told me to do)
    P.S. This is for Windows XP. If you have other OS, call Netflix. They will help you.

  • T’d Off

    Having the same problem with an acer aspire 5745 (win7 x86)…i’ve tried both the downloading silverlight 3 and renaming methods; neither has worked…is there any other possible soulution?

  • Michelle

    I’m running Vista 64 bit and renaming mspr.hds to mspr.hds.old in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady was an immediate fix, thanks for the information to you all.

  • Dave

    Finally works. Eventually had to go with Google Chrome after playing with settings for 2 weeks, after trying every option suggested here and at MS support. If MS and Netflix ever get together I will likely return to IE just because I’m used to it but this works as a last ditch way to keep Netflix working. Thanks for the help.

  • Spoons watchin a movie

    thanks for the program data > playReady tip. Fixed it fast! the install for the other thing (version 3) did not work for me, but mspr worked like a charm. Thanks again!

  • friend

    deleted the mspr.hds file and it worked for me, mac OSX 10.6.4

  • T

    Thank you so much! This issue completely ruined netflix for me until now! I didn’t know what to do so I just resorted to sending angry e-mails to both netflix and silverlight. Awesome share. :)

  • Jetty

    Found detailed instructions here on how to fix this stupid dadgum problem:

  • Titan

    I have the latest version of Silverlight. All I did was delete the PlayReady folder and plist. Then relaunched and all was well again. Hope it helps.

  • ciao

    can’t install 3 for developers because there is already a newer version installed.

  • Lala

    Just installed Silverlight 3 for developers and Netflix is back to working. Thank you!!!!

  • http://BlahBlah SoggyBottoms

    Went to the link you provided and downloaded the SDK silverlight 3 and Netflix is working again. Thanks for the fix and the link.

  • BlankTim

    Renaming mspr.hds to mspr.hds.OLD worked for me.

  • Jeremy

    Does any one know of any other possible fixes? I have Vista 32bit and have upgraded from Silverlight 2 to Silverlight 4. I can’t find the file that is supposed to be deleted/changed and my computer won’t let me access the Silverlight 3 link.

  • Rick Shafer

    Renaming C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds worked for me on Windows 7 32-bit. Thanks!

  • NolanBruce

    What others have said regarding mspr.hds works. Just delete it, and Netflix will automatically contact silverlight and recreate it with the correct date and information.

  • NikNik

    Another Mac user here with 10.6.6 and deleting the PlayReady folder worked for me…. thanks everyone for all the great help.

  • Gregory

    The rename “mspr.hds” to “mspr.hds.old” from Chris worked for my system. (Thank you!)
    I’m running 32 bit XP on 64bit system; Silverlight 4. I’ll just copy what Paul said:

    Chalk another one up for the file rename/delete fix
    On WinXp, the file is in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds

  • Jeff

    Installed the Silverlight for developers as mentioned above, still did not work (using Vista Home Premium). Then tried Firefox instead of IE and had success! Don’t know if Silverlight 4 will work with Firefox, but it seems Microsoft Silverlight won’t work with Microsoft IE (DOH!)

  • http://vtech-computers Vtech

    Just rename the file located at c:\programdata\microsoft\mspr.hds to mspr.hds.old and resume your netflix que, it will reset your movie player and then you will be able to watch netflix streams

  • Jer


  • Greg

    Just had the problem on my Mac too. As others, quit Safari, deleted the file
    /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/PlayReady/mspr.hds
    and restarted Safari and all was well.

    A reboot was not required.

  • Maura

    THank you so much! Deleting the PlayReady folder worked like a charm. I have been looking FOREVER for this fix.

  • Elvin

    FIX for Safari on the Mac.

    The mspr.hds is the damaged. Deleting that file will fix the problem.

    Just remember after you delete it, it may take 10-20 seconds before Netflix player starts the movie because it first has to recreate the mspr file. Here’s where that file is:

    HD > Library > Application Support > Microsoft > PlayReady > mspr.hds

    Quit the browser, delete the file, relaunch the browser

  • Crash3D59

    In Win7 64 bit the file is located in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady folder, I renamed the file as mentioned above and everything works great now. Too bad Microsoft (because it is in their folder) and Netflix can’t get together to fix this for everyone!

  • Rezno

    I did exactly what you said, and now it works like a charm, Thanks =D

  • Rachel

    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I had a problem with being unable to locate the folders that various sites say the mspr.hds file is located in; they just don’t show up. I am running Windows 7 (32-bit). I managed to fix it by doing the following:

    Signed out of Netflix.
    Cleared the browser’s cache (in Firefox, Tools->Clear Recent History->check the “cache” box) (Not sure that this is necessary, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.)
    Opened my C: drive.
    Searched for “PlayReady” (in C:).
    After a bit, the location of C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady appeared in the search results.
    I opened that result in a new window, and mspr.hds was in it (that was the only file there).
    Renamed it to mspr.hds.old.

    I then signed in to Netflix and attempted to use the watch instantly feature. It now works perfectly, and there is a new mspr.hds file in that folder. I can only assume the folder is hidden somehow, as when I try to navigate there without using the search function, I do not have a ProgramData folder or a PlayReady folder anywhere that I can see. I have tried every suggestion that others have given, and this was the only way I was able to find it and fix the problem.

  • Brett

    Please help me. I have been getting the same error and then i read this blog and tried to install silver light 3 and now I am getting a new error that says my internet connection is preventing playback which makes no sense b/c my interent is working great. the error code is n8156. Any help would be much apprecaited.

  • FOSH


  • ethan De cohen

    thanks pal!

  • Hailey

    Re: Phil for mac users

    THANK YOU!!!! You fixed it!

  • Jason

    I renamed “mspr.hds”. tried Netflix again and it worked. It created a new mspr.hds file.

  • Danielle

    Thank you so much!!! It worked!!!!!

  • Lani

    Silverlight 3 worked great and allowed to me to watch movies when I couldn’t before. But, now netflix has made it impossible to watch a movie without downloading silverlight 4 first. Every time I try to watch a movie there’s an annoying ad and no way to continue watching the movie until I click the “Install Now” button. I’m getting really frustrated. Does anyone know how to get around this stupid ad?

  • Jennifer

    Genius. You made my day better! Thanks

  • David

    Excellent info! Renaming the file worked for me. Found it at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\

    I had tried doing a file search for mspr.hds, but it was a hidden file on my system so wasn’t found in default search.

    Thanks again!

  • Micah

    On OSX Snow Leopard and the file rename fix worked. Thanks!

  • Tree

    OMG~! Thanks for the fix… Netflix couldn’t even help me fix it… tried RealPlayer and it’s cool for Hulu and other DLs… but this save was genius!

  • ShadowKnight

    Thanks!!…took Me 4hrs trying to figure this out till I Read Your review with the netflix silverstream problem..I should of never updated it…anyways…good job…

    Maybe Netflix should Hire You for their system problems solving. 😉

  • http://netflixmember cjsanche


    Thanks! Renaming the mspr.hds file to old help resolve the stupid netflix problem!


  • MinMan

    Renaming the file or deleting worked for me!!! This is a development issue on Microsoft side. Netflix is clueless :)

  • eod

    I tried to delete the mspr.hds but when I looked in the PlayReady file folder there was nothing there. I have no idea what to do. I have a mac version 10.4.11

  • Sroot

    Rename worked like a charm for me. WIN XP SP3

  • Dava4444

    @Paul Sep 10 2010

    thank you, this fixed it for me.
    God Bless


  • denise ward

    Thank you. i didnt really want to call them and i am really glad you helped! Now i can finish bones 😀 Thanks so much.

  • amy

    It worked! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  • SeaMoss

    Deleting files in :

    Running windows 7×32

  • Eric

    This this happen to me twice now. Here is the information so that you can save the phone call.
    Found this online and it worked for me. Via

    When you try to play a streaming movie from Netflix and you get error code n8156-6013, this means that he mspr.hds is the damaged. Deleting that file will fix the problem.

    Just remember after you delete it, it may take 10-20 seconds before Netflix player starts the movie because it first has to recreate the mspr file. Here’s where that file is:

    HD > Library > Application Support > Microsoft > PlayReady > mspr.hds

    Quit the browser, delete the file, relaunch the browser

  • Kristofer Brozio
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  • The One

    Thank you very much for this great information, this should be post in Netflix’s from page!

  • lisa moore

    The Silverlight3 link worked perfectly…….thank you sooooooo very much. I don’t have a lot of patience and I was about to lose it when I kept getting that stupid error message. Thanks again for allowing me to watch Damages again.

  • rich1234

    Netflix has way too many subscribers, they had to find a way to cut down on the membership, what better way there is to turn away customers? –Use Microsoft garbage!!! The whole reason I use Mac is to stay away for Microsoft, but sadly, Microsoft’s garbages are like cockroaches, there is no way to eradicate and I have no place to escape. Ever since the Silverlight update, my Watch Instantly became jerky, audio and video are out of sync. the DRM error, at least I finally solved the DRM error issue. The solution is in a typical Microsoft
    way, hacked into the Mac file system, delete the Silverlight plugin and all Silverlight related files, (boy, how I wish that will delete Microsoft permanently from the face of the earth.) Then reinstall the f&*% piece of $h** all over. But the movie is still jerky, called Netflix and they blame it on my internet connection. They have no answer when I ask them why the Netflix app on my iPhone using the same wifi has absolutly no problem, to which I already know the answer– because the Netflix app does not use Silverlight.

  • Rahul Chakrabarty

    Thanks for the update. It worked just as per the instructions.

  • Mike P

    Renamed the HDS. AWESOME FIX! Screw Netflix!

  • Lou

    Renaming the mspr.hds file to mspr.hds.old worked for me, no need for uninstalling and reinstalling of silvrlight and it takes less than a minute to do once the file is found.
    W7 64 bit – C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady

  • LoganCale

    Deleting mspr.hds from the “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady” folder worked for me as well.
    After I deleted it, I also had go into the silverlight configuration and re-check the box “enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback” box.

  • Taya Matoy

    So, I am not computer savvy at all, and I can’t figure out how to rename the file. Where do I locate this file to begin with? Can someone please just walk me through this step by step, please?

  • NizZ8

    Thanks for sharing this…uninstalling Silverlight 4 and installing the developer version worked!!!

  • KBJ

    THANK YOU so much for this fix! Phil F’s instructions for Mac users did the trick for me.

  • TheOldMan

    Run IE in administrator mode and the DRM problem goes away.

  • Jean

    Though this is something of a necropost, I want to include an answer here for anyone who encounters “internet connection problem error code N8156-6018” trying to use Netflix streaming on a Mac.

    I am running version 4; I did not have to downgrade to version 3.
    This has worked to fix this problem every time I have had it.

    To correct Netflix playback error code N8156-6018 on a Mac:

    1. Right click on the playbar in the browser window containing the errors.

    2. Select ‘SilverLight Preferences’.

    3. Go to the ‘Application Storage’ tab.

    4. Select the entry “”

    5. Click the ‘Delete’ button to remove stored files associated with that web address.
    Note, this does not disable storage, it just deletes currently stored files. Think of it as ‘clearing the cache’ for this website.

    6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for any other entry in Application Storange containing in the address.

    7. Reload the browser window.

    Your movie should now begin to play.

  • JJ

    Running silverlight 3 worked great for awhile. Now when I try to stream a netflix movie – I get a screem that says, “you are almost ready to watch, you must upgrade to silverlight 4″………

    I can’t seem to get around this – anyone have a fix – so I can still run SL 3?

  • j m

    For Windows 7 – 64 Bit what finally worked, was to run firefox/IE “As Admin” the and select something to view on netflix. After the initial movie loads, I was able to continue watching them without running as admin on firefox/IE again. No more stalling out at 98%. Posting here as this was close to the first hit that came up when searching for a solution (the delete and reinstall did not work for me, and i did not want to revert to a newer version of silverlight).

  • Clare

    Anyone who has had this problem and figured it out please help.
    I am still getting error N8156-6003, i went through the whole deal with microsoft, they fixed it by installing silverlight 3 I believe and then it updated itself and the error reappeared. Boo! Anyways I have have tried fixing it again on my own by uninstalling SL4 and installing SL3 but when I try to watch a movie I get the AD telling me to update to version 4 for better quality and there doesn’t seem to be anyway around it. Its driving me crazy. Im not sure if I missed a step or if I need to do a little something extra.

    I know others have had this problem and Im hoping someone has figured it out.
    Thanks for any help!!!

  • neill

    same issue. 3 worked fine now it “have” to update to 4?

  • Scott

    Hours and hours of wasted time and this was the fix…amazing!!! I love you!

  • John

    Same issue. Has anyone figured a way to avoid installing the update?

  • TobyF

    Tried several of the suggestions above for my generation 1 Macbook (running OS X), what worked for me was:
    1) log out of Netflix (don’t just close the browser)
    2) delete mspr.hds
    3) delete Netflix application storage under Silverlight preferences (follow Jean’s advice above)
    4) delete the Microsoft PlayReady .plist file
    5) reboot
    Anything less didn’t have an affect, except to delay Netflix startup

  • John

    Netflix Error Code N8156-6003
    Netflix do not want to use Silverlight version 3, they will insist that you upgrade and that will be to Silverlight version 4. So the removal of the mspr.hds file in C:\Application Support\Microsoft\PlayReady\ mspr.hds”, was the fix for me. I did however rename the file just to be sure that it would work before deleting it.

  • Paris Vega

    I fixed the Netflix/Chrome/Mac issue by following this checklist:

  • http://none Lou

    Easier fix: Use the file search function in your version of windows (I like the search companion. That dog is the best lol) and rename mspr.hds to mspr.old. MAKE SURE you log out of netlfix completely. Actually log out of the site and then close the window, in case you have the password saved. Bingo. Worked like a charm for me.

  • tony

    I TRIED IT ALL! none, of this worked, so i just got fed up and deleted the damn PlayReady file. and VUALA! now im watching Tony Manero (a man upsessed with the movie Staying Alive ahahah.)

  • Jesse


  • Si

    I tried all of the above. None of this worked. Uninstalled SL4, put back to SL3, renamed the mspr file, then tried deleting it instead, tried firefox, tried IE, tried chrome. Tried it on different computers. Only thing that could get me to resume normal service was to try another suggestion, on the main sign in page, not using the member sign in area, instead using the “sign up for one free month” page, entering in all current account membership details, allows me to sign in, view actors pages and watch movies. Conclusion: this is a netflix problem, not our computers and or software, and it’s been going on for the last 3 years as far as i can see from complaints online. Problem for me only started a few weeks ago even though we’ve had this membership for a year, but others have been complaining about it since 2008. Gotta love the way the FAQ page on netflix is as simple as the village idiot and gets you nowhere, nor the fact there’s no way to email them to ask if they’re going to resolve this issue. No, you gotta phone the retards and wait to speak to someone who will only tell you anyway that there’s no problem with their systems and that it must be our computers/software – despite notifying them it’s been tested on multiple computers and devices with the same problem. I suppose the quality of the help department reflects the amount you’re paying – ya don’t get much for only $8 thesedays.

  • Purelica

    Yay, I finally *fixed* the problem!! What I did was I cancelled Netflix. :)

  • del

    After 2 weeks of trying everyfix I could think of (even upgrading my bios)after I installed a new hard drive- renaming the file worked on my Windows XP system.

  • http://noneya tesla000

    “Only thing that could get me to resume normal service was to try another suggestion, on the main sign in page, not using the member sign in area, instead using the “sign up for one free month” page, entering in all current account membership details, allows me to sign in, view actors pages and watch movies.”

    This worked for me. No changes to Opera, IE, or Chrome. I just went to the Netflix website and subscribed again with the same credentials.

    Windows XP.


  • willy

    renaming it worked on xp. thanks much !

  • Chip

    I searched for the file in XP. I found it and renamed it. It WORKED.

    The file was found at the following location in Windows XP:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady


  • Snickers

    Hey guys,

    I was having this same problem and finally got it fixed! It might not work for you, but its easy so worth a try.

    Disabling enhancements in Sound option.
    Go to Control Panel > Sound> Select Speakers and Properties > Click on Enhancements tab > Disable all the enhancements > Click Apply.

    That’s all I had to do to fix my problem- everyone’s different, but it might help someone out there :)

  • Musearm

    Thanks!!! Renaming worked for me to:)

  • Jim Muse

    MacBook Pro OS X (10.7.3)

    The removal of the mspr.hds file in C:\Application Support\Microsoft\PlayReady\ mspr.hds”, was the fix for me.

    Thanks, everyone.

  • ironClad

    Renaming the file in C:\Application Support\Microsoft\PlayReady\ mspr.hds to mspr.hds.old wored for me.

    Thanks everyone!

  • TRUE

    Try synchronizing your computer time and day with the internet time. It worked for mine. Netflix was able to stream without doing anything else.

  • http://none Joel Gauthier

    I have a windows 7 x86 system. I tried your method but Netflix told me I had to update Silverlight after already downloading yours. so I updated my silverlight from the 3.0.50106.0 back to the 4.0 wich failed in the first place. it’s a never ending cycle. got any advice ?

  • Ryan

    Chris rename fix worked for me. Windows XP.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • maddy

    omfg bless your soul praise jesus that worked so well danke

  • mike

    Rename trick worked for me. XP machine upgraded to windows 7

  • Jack

    Netflix & MS can go to hell. I previously in past subscribed to Netflix without any issues I stop the subscription and haven’t used Netflix over a year. Now when I tried using it crash my Silverlight was 4.x after contacting Netflix I was told to get latest which is 5.x still crashing they ask me to contact MS who is very hard to be contacted. I think I will cancel this subsciption, its waste of my money still Netflix doesn’t bother to help me fix this issue.

    PC is Win 7 x64

  • Jack

    Doh! Forget to mention my issue was N8206

  • Drumm

    Thank you!

  • elie


    TobyF Says:
    September 15th, 2011 at 12:42 am

    Tried several of the suggestions above for my generation 1 Macbook (running OS X), what worked for me was:
    1) log out of Netflix (don’t just close the browser)
    2) delete mspr.hds
    3) delete Netflix application storage under Silverlight preferences (follow Jean’s advice above)
    4) delete the Microsoft PlayReady .plist file
    5) reboot
    Anything less didn’t have an affect, except to delay Netflix startup

  • mr who

    mspr.hds changed this and works fine.. thank you

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