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Dear Netflix

I guess you could call this an open letter to Netflix or a list of my gripes and complaints, questions and suggestions.

The service which supposedly would make viewers want to trade in their old DVDs at musicMagpie and take to online movie watching every time. It would do if these points were addressed first

1. I still hate the new user interface, the scrolling just annoys me, can I get the old one back please?

2. What the hell is with the new ‘feature’ of ‘Continue Watching’ at the top of the page now? I didn’t ask for that, nor do I want it! Can I make it go away? How can I continue watching something that I already watched? I finished the movie, but yet it’s there in my ‘Continue Watching’ section. I really HATE this new ‘feature’ and I want it to go away. I’m an adult so I watch R rated movies, (especially the horror movies, love them), but I have kids and I don’t want to see naked boobs or similar on the top of my screen when my kids are around. Many times your continue watching screen grabs aren’t the most flattering. Something needs fixed there as I do let my kids watch Netflix at times and they don’t need to see that just yet as they’re rather young.


3. What is the deal with the Top 10 for me? It’s a list of things I’ve watched and haven’t watched. I could see if it was a top 10 list of things I’ve watched, my top rated stuff, but it isn’t. I could see if it was a top 10 list of suggestion for me, but it isn’t. I don’t know what the hell it is but I don’t think I’ve ever picked anything from the list.


4. What the hell is the ‘Based on your search’ thing? I was searching for a movie, I was only searching for that movie because I wanted to watch it. I didn’t want suggestions based on my search, I wanted to watch that particular movie only. I searched for it to see if I could watch it on Instant. If I wanted to find things like what I was searching for then I would search for things like that. I was looking for one particular movie only. Can we make this go away?  Oftentimes you’ll show a ‘based on your search’ for something that I don’t even remember searching for or something that I searched for last year!? What good does that do me?


5.The whole ‘More Like’ thing? if you’re going to suggest things, please make them at least CLOSE to what it’s supposed to be more like. ‘Analyze That’ is NOTHING AT ALL like River Monsters. How the hell is ‘Eddie and The Cruisers II’ more Like ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’? Sure it stars the same person but it’s nothing ‘like’ it at all.

6. TV Shows out of order, I like TV Shows, many times I’ll find something I’ve never seen and watch it and enjoy it very much. I’ll go and watch TV shows that I missed when they aired.  So why is it so hard to put the TV shows in the order they aired? I’ve run across it several times now with TV shows episodes just totally random ordered. Seriously, it’s not that hard to put them in the order they aired. if you’re not sure go stop over at IMDB and you can get the order they aired in, really simple to do.

7. Missing episodes? Here’s another one about TV Shows. Why put incomplete seasons up? That’s just pointless really it is and all it does is piss people off.

8. FIX your errors! The dumbass recurring n8156-6013 error is still not fixed. Also I don’t like being blamed for the error, you’re little error message sometimes blames me saying it could be my internet connection or something else I did wrong like the time on my computer. My question is how can my internet be down if I’m browsing the Netflix site and seeing the error? The time is correct on my computer, maybe the time on your computer is wrong?! We all know it’s a problem with Netflix and Silverlight, so why don’t you get together with Microsoft and fix the errors once and for all? Netflix blames Microsoft and Microsoft blames Netflix, it’s ridiculous.

9.Speaking of errors and blaming. When you’ve got a problem, don’t blame the customer. The similar error message comes up blaming my internet connection or the time on MY computer when you’ve got an issue with your system. If Netflix is having problems I’ll check Twitter and see many other people are having outages, but yet your error message blames me for the problem. If you’ve got a problem own up to it and don’t blame us.


10. What happened to the ratings? Yes they’re there on the movie page, but not on the pop out. It just gives Netflix’s best guess for me. What good does that do me? I want to know what other people might think of the movie, I don’t want to know what you think I might think of the movie. FYI: You’re wrong 90% or more of the time anyway as to what you think I’ll rate something, so it really does me no good at all.


11.Another one about TV Shows for you, what the hell is this new ‘feature’ about automatically starting the next episode? It’s annoying, please make it stop or give us the option to use it or not. If I’m watching TV shows I’ll use the time between them to go to the bathroom, get a drink or snack. The first time this happened it was rather annoying as I come back and the show is just playing away and I had to restart it. What’s the point of that? This is not what I would consider a ‘feature’ or an improvement at all.

12. Here’s a suggestion for you, how about searching by actor? Yes there is the option but it doesn’t exactly work all the time the way it should. Many times I’ll want to see something and forgot the name of the movie or show but I know who starred in it and it would be really nice to be able to search by actor. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it gives me a nice grid of the movies they starred in, other times it gives me a list of a few movies and then a bunch of others that they weren’t in. I don’t care about the movies they weren’t in.


Well that’s just a few things off the top of my head….

Don’t get me wrong, I love you Netflix but you really piss me off at times, especially the stupid ass things you do to supposedly ‘improve’ our viewing experience.

How To Fix Netflix Error n8156-6013

So I’ve posted about this a few times now but I thought it’d be easier to put it all in one posting.

So there are a few ways to fix this wonderful error that Netflix throws up.

Netflix says it’s the users fault essentially, and that’s wrong it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of Microsoft and Netflix.

They say your computer time could be wrong, which is possible.

So here’s a list of fixes for the dreaded n8156-6013 error for you:

1. Run as Admin – This is one is simple, just right click and run your browser in Administrator mode. This one works sometimes and it was one of the things that worked for me.


2. PlayReady – This one is a bit more complicated as it involves finding a possibly hidden folder. You’ll most likely need to go into your files and folders settings and change to view hidden files and folders.You’ll need to find the folder and rename the mspr.hds file or you can just delete. There have been problems with deleted it, so it’s safer to rename it. you can just call it mspr.old if you want or whatever. (some have said to delete the actual PlayReady folder, don’t do that as it will cause an error.

– Windows 7: it’s located at C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/PlayReady\mspr.hds or C:\Users\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds

– Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ApplicationData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds or C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds

– On Mac: HD > Library > Application Support > Microsoft > PlayReady > mspr.hds


3. Fix the time on your computer – You’ll need to go into the BIOS and set the time to the correct time and date. This has worked for some people.


4. Replace SilverLight – The last fix is one that I used originally and you could call it a last ditch effort and that’s to install on older version of Silverlight. This might work for a while but Netflix will complain that you need to upgrade.

-You can go here to find the SilverLight 3 SDK: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16011

-Direct link is here: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=150228

There really isn’t any actual fix for this. The fix would be for Microsoft and Netflix to get their acts together and work together to fix this for people.

I know I run into this error every once in a while and it annoys me to no end. I originally used option 4, but options 1 and 2 seem to work but not every time. Sometimes one will work and sometimes the other will.

As I said it’s their problem and they know about it and they won’t do anything for whatever reason.


Here’s the links for the original posts:


Fix for netflix error code n8156-6013 Updated

So I posted a while ago about this stupid error from Netflix and Silverlight, back in June of last year actually, and there’s still no real fix for it.  I have though figured out a way to use the new Silverlight 4 and not get the error and not have to revert back to SilverLight 3.

The fix is quick and easy just rename the mspr.hds file to something lese like oldmspr.hds. 

I’m using Windows 7 Pro X64 version and it’s located at C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/PlayReady

Of course on Vista and XP the files location is elsewhere, but it should be right under Application Data in a similar location. You could also just search for the folder or file to find it and then open the location.

Renaming that file seems to fix the problem for now. When you rename it Windows will create another one in the folder actually. So it might fix the problem and it might not. As of right now though I’m watching Netflix with no issues, so I guess I’m temporarily happy until the next update of Silverlight anyway.

Fix for netflix error code n8156-6013

Ok… this has annoyed me to no end.. I pay for Netflix but I can’t use it now that SilverLight 4 has been installed..

I’ve read several things about this problem.. Netflix blames Microsoft, and Microsoft in turn blames Netflix.

I read about deleting the PlayReady folder, don’t do that then you’ll get the DRM error.. uninstalling PlayReady doesn’t work either so don’t try that either.

I’ve read that it’s because I’m running Windows 7 64bit…  we’ll never know what the problem is and frankly I don’t care I just want it fixed, but for now I’ve got a fix..

The ONLY fix right now is to run an older SilverLight or SillverLight 3… Netflix has updated their site so you can’t get it from them now, they have only version 4…

I’ve just spent the last hour or trying to find SilverLight 3 and it’s nowhere to be found for download so I did something a bit sneaky and right now as I type this I’ve got Full Metal Jacket playing in the FireFox in the Netflix player on my other monitor.. SUCCESS!

I bet you’re wondering what I did..

Well go to the Microsoft SilverLight 3 SDK page here:  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=1ea49236-0de7-41b1-81c8-a126ff39975b

but you won’t be downloading the SDK.. you’ll scroll down the page to Instructions and find the link for this:
“To build Silverlight 3 applications, you can install Silverlight 3 for Developers here.”

Here’s a screen capture, it’s the last line..

That will let you download essentially what is Silverlight 3 or to be exact it’s version#: 3.0.50106.0

and voila you now have Netflix that works!

If I were you I would make a backup of that file you downloaded somewhere as I have done myself..

Enjoy your movies!!


UPDATED: another part of the fix here: https://www.kristoferbrozio.com/2011/03/07/fix-for-netflix-error-code-n8156-6013-updated/