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Review of Comfy Black Microfiber Salon Towel


I get all kinds of requests to review products and no I don’t accept or review all of it, I do turn things down but lately I’ve been re-thinking that as most of the stuff I reviewed was tech, but why not review more things if they want me to? Sure I still do turn down some things, but I’ve expanded what I’ll review as more to things that I think might be useful to me or others. Today for review I’ve got what is called the Comfy Black Microfiber Salon Towel from a company called Salon Guys and yes it’s sold as something for your hair but it’s a towel and doesn’t have to be just for that, it can be used for a lot of things especially since it’s a microfiber towel which makes it more absorbent than cotton towels are. Read on to learn more…