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Why Is Amazon Prime Video Censoring Anime?


I love Anime, I’ve been watching since I was in my teens and still very much enjoy it today, a couple decades later. I’ve been watching a lot of it on Netflix but they haven’t really been adding anything new so I’ve started to watch it on Amazon Prime Video as they have a lot more and different ones from Netflix and they seem to be updating it every month with new ones. I’ve noticed that Amazon is censoring the Anime though, and many other people have noticed as well and are complaining in the reviews/comments about it but it doesn’t seem to be changing.

I watched High School of the Dead a long time ago on Netflix and it went away as things do on there but then it appeared on Amazon so I thought I’d watch it again but it’s not the same, it’s censored. It’s not just the nudity that’s censored either, some of the censoring makes no sense. High School of the Dead is about zombies obviously and it’s goofy at time as a lot of anime is. For example Amazon censored a fully clothed boob grab, it’s meant as comedy and they had cloths on but they censored it which makes no sense to me at all or anyone else.

I just don’t understand why they’re censoring it, or censoring anything. I’m an adult last I checked and there is worse things on prime time TV than some of the things they’re censoring so why are they censoring it?

What gives them to right to censor anything at all really since I’m paying for it technically?

I don’t understand what gives them the right to say what I can watch and cannot.

It’s not just anime either that they’re censoring, they’re censoring some movies and TV shows as well from what I’ve read in the comments.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but then again others are complaining as well.

Amazon Delivery Guarantee Isn’t Really a Guarantee of Anything


Don’t get me wrong here, I love Amazon, never had an issue with them until now. I’m a prime member and everything else. Washing machine broke, need  anew part, it’s $130 locally but only $90 on Amazon and I have a Prime membership so I get two day delivery. Placed the order on Thursday and they said delivery would be Saturday the 26th, that was fine with me as it was expected with Prime 2day delivery. I then get an email with a ‘Guaranteed’ delivery date of Friday the 26th and I think, hey that’s great, a day earlier. UPS gets here with another package but not the washing machine part. I find out later that it was ‘missed’. Tracking says:

The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day.

So I’m like damn, that sucks. Then I thought about it and I was curious as to what exactly ‘guaranteed’ means so I emailed Amazon and apparently it really doesn’t mean anything at all. I emailed them and explained the situation and order via Amazon because it was less expensive and that I was a Prime member so two days wouldn’t have been a big deal to wait.

I never really got an answer as to what the guarantee really is, this was the extent of it:

Estimated delivery date is considered to be an approximated delivery date and Guaranteed delivery date is a promised delivery on that particular date mentioned.

The email goes on and they ended up offering me one extra month of Prime membership for the inconvenience. That’s nice and all but it doesn’t get my clothes washed.

So I still don’t understand exactly what ‘guaranteed’ means. Everyone else where you see a guarantee it’s like the pizza is there in 30 minutes or less guaranteed or your money back, or the product comes with money back guarantee, or a guarantee about you’re satisfied or your money back. Etc, etc… I’m sure I could list more and I’m sure you know some too..

The point is that the Amazon guarantee delivery date isn’t really anything at all. If it doesn’t get delivered on the guaranteed date then oh well, wait an extra day or so then. That’s it. They don’t back it up with anything.

Today I check the tracking this morning and as of right now at 12:25pm it’s still not going to be delivered apparently

The last update on the tracking is last night at 11:25pm. Every other delivery I’ve gotten from UPS the tracking status will say ‘Out for Delivery’. This one just says ‘Destination Scan’ that’s marked last night and nothing at all for today.

I’m guessing that I might have been better off spending the $130 locally instead of trying to save $40, sure I’d be out the $40 but my washing machine would be working right now. ?!


WTF Netflix? Why Do You Keep Changing Everything?

So a week or so ago I noticed my Instant Queue was gone from the top of my Netflix page. WTF? It was replaced by a horrible scrolling bar called ‘Your List’. Why? Why change things? I hate the damn scrolling bars for the movies, I try and always click through to the sort of old style pages. Now they’ve forced me to use that horrible scrolling bar system by just totally eliminating my instant queue.

I’ve been seriously thinking of trying Amazon Prime, and I think now is the time to do it really.

There’s an old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that very much applies here to Netflix. Sure I get the whole changing it for the iPad and mobile interfaces and even the TV interface but why not at least give the people who are giving you money a choice at how they want it? You just force these changes upon us.

When it first happened I tweeted about it to the Netflix support or helps or whatever it’s called and apparently they didn’t even know it changed as they told me oh just refresh your browser or login and logout and then it should reappear. Yeah, none of that worked, I’m stuck with the sucky scroll bar for my Instant Queue now. I have 19 things in my queue right now and it takes 7 seconds to scroll to the end to see them all. Can you imagine if I had say 30 things in my queue?  That’s ridiculous.

The PC interface is not a mobile interface, so why do I have to scroll? It’s slow and I hate it.

My Instant Queue list right now is small and I keep deleting things from it as it takes so damn long to scroll through it. What the hell was wrong with having the Instant Queue? it worked just fine, everything was listed right there on the page for you to see and pick what you wanted to watch.