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Chipmunk in My Yard

So it seems a chipmunk has made himself a home in the hole at the bottom of the wall in my backyard.


I have bird feeders back there and I guess he realized he can get a quick meal now of seeds from what the birds drop. He’s a brave little chipmunk.. I have a sliding glass door back there actually and he comes right up to it and eats even if I’m standing right there. There are a few squirrels around but they run as soon as they see me, this chipmunk stayed there until I opened the door and then he ran to the hole and stopped and turned around and just sat there. I went and got my camera and he was still sitting there just staring at me.. Cute little guy…

Deer in My Yard

So I have woods and a hill behind my house and there are several deer that live there and I see them all the time. They’ve never come into the yard because it’s about a five foot drop and I have a fence but they do come right down. I like to throw scraps up to them, old apple, carrots and carrot shavings which they seem to really like.


One is right there looking at me, and the other is off to the right and up a bit, it was starting to walk away when I snapped the picture.

I named them ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’….  ‘dinner’ is a rather large buck who wasn’t around, or he was up on the hill and I didn’t see him. They blend in so well with the woods.

Hawk in My Yard

Just random nature picture…


So I went outside the other day to take the dog out and there was a rather large Hawk in my backyard. He was actually sitting about 15 feet from the back door on the hill, I didn’t even notice him until he flew off and startled me. He went right up into the tree and I tried to get a good picture of him, but he really just blends in.

He’s right there in the center of the picture..

Hokey my helper!

Hokey is at again, he’s certainly not camera shy that’s for sure! As soon as I look away up he jumps and just gets all comfortable, he just doesn’t care what I’m doing…

My Cat

one of my cats anyway is Molly…

but the point is that this is a sample picture taken with the Canon PowerShot SD3500 IS Digital Elph camera, and it’s good, I like it quite a bit..

I printed it out to an 8×10 size and my 4 yr old has it on his wall.. it’s a beautiful picture, taken outside with the optical zoom.. I was standing there holding the camera and I zoomed in and called her and she looked up at me so I zoomed in for the picture, and it came out really good..

Got Help?

I do!

When my cat Hokey feels the need for yet another nap, it doesn’t matter what’s going on, he’s going to lie down wherever he feels like. I also have the brother of Hokey as well who’s name is Pokey, get it? Hokey-Pokey !

The other day I was taking picture of a Noctua CPU Cooler for review, I use the couch for smaller items, the light comes in from out side and makes for decent pictures, but Hokey likes to sleep on the couch, he didn’t care what I was doing, he said it was time for a nap.