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Review of SmartSpeed Skull Headwrap

I’ve always wanted a balaclava but never got one, specifically I wanted one similar to the one you saw in Call of Duty video game, I never got one but I got something similar for review from a company called SmartSpeed. It’s not a balaclava but it’s close I guess as it’s a head or neck wrap that you wear to keep your neck and face warm but it has a skull design on it. This could also be used as a mask for Halloween and numerous other uses. Read on to learn more…

Review of Aennon Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting

Flashlights are great, I’ve got a few good ones that have come in very handy in many situations, but sometimes you need your hands free and that’s where a decent headlamp style light comes into play.

Today for review I’ve got the Aennon Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting and it costs about $15 on Amazon right now. I’ve had other headlamps and I’ve used them for many projects but they weren’t the best and even though this one is inexpensive, it’s much nicer than the others I’ve owned. This headlamp features three levels of brightness with eight LEDs for up to 30 lumens of power but it also has a red LED which can be used in various situations where white just isn’t the best. Read on the learn more…