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How a Growth Strategy Can Impact Your Business


Business is always changing, and unless you find a way to keep up with the trends, you won’t last long. New technology and ideas will simply make your business redundant if you aren’t careful. The marketplace is full of case studies of companies that refused to change and grow with the times, and as a result, collapsed. One of the most common examples of such a company is Kodak. Kodak failed to implement digital camera technology, and lost the market to smaller players. Ultimately, the once giant corporation filed for bankruptcy, leading to its demise. While one may wonder how the ground can shift under a business without notice, it is important to note that, adopting a growth strategy that is driven by changes in the business environment is not easy. It takes strategic management skills to do it. The good thing is that, once you master it, a growth strategy can take your business to the next level. For context, here is how a growth strategy can impact your business.


Scam Caller: 1-855-979-1399


Here’s another scammer calling me, this one just called about 5 minutes ago, again, they’ve been calling at least once everyday, usually twice per day, for the last week or so.

1-855-979-1399 caller id says ‘unavailable’ but when I looked it up online supposedly it’s a scammer trying to get you to give your personal information by saying they can get you a better rate on your utility bill

Scam Number: 1-520-210-0631


I don’t know why we have the do not call list anymore, I keep getting numerous calls per day from all sorts of scam numbers. I’m on both the state and federal do not call lists but these calls just continue everyday.

I haven’t been posting them here but I think I’ll start again to let other people know about them.

caller id on this one says ‘Customer Service’ and I got one yesterday that said said customer service as well but it was a different number.

I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m just sick of them calling all the time, it’s everyday, multiple times per day. I think I got 6 of them yesterday.

Ten Things Restaurants Aren’t Telling You


This is funny.. I worked in the restaurant industry for many years and most of my experience was horrible.   Here’s a top ten list I guess you could call it of things restaurants won’t tell you. Some of them I can’t see but a lot of them are true from my experience…

Urbanspoon, the leading mobile restaurant discovery application, today released a list of ten little-known facts the restaurant industry is keeping from its customers. Whether it’s recycled wine or made-up wait times, Urbanspoon’s peek behind the scenes exposes secrets from restaurant staffers to help patrons make more informed decisions when dining out.

Read on for the complete list of ten things restaurants won’t tell you:

  1. Those specials don’t come cheap. Your server may wax poetic about the day’s special, but understand that they may be incentivized to do so. Specials are often designed to drive higher check averages, with larger tips and managerial prizes await those who sell them to diners.
  2. The second cheapest bottle of wine is marked up the most. Restaurants realize that many people won’t order the least expensive wine (no one wants to look like a cheapskate!) so they often go for the second cheapest. That’s exactly why it’s often the most marked-up bottle on the list.
  3. Hold the lemon. Sliced lemons for water and iced tea are often kept, usually unwashed, in a container by the kitchen’s exit. Waiters and bussers will grab the lemon slices with their bare hands; studies have shown that up to two-thirds of restaurant lemons are contaminated with bacteria.
  4. Wait times are made up. Ever wonder how your favorite restaurant comes up with that 50-minute wait time? Many restaurants put their least experienced employee at the door, and best guesses are made based on the average customer dining time and restaurant environment. But hostesses everywhere know the real story—wait times are often arbitrary.
  5. We know more about you than you think. Whether you avoid eye contact and pleasantries or are a chatty Kathy, waiters have insight into your personality before you even order. That overly nice male customer? He’s probably on a first date—or even out with someone who’s not his significant other. And, your waiter also knows that those "allergies" you cite with your order are just as likely to be overly dramatized claims to ensure an offending food stays off your plate.
  6. Ordering coffee at night? It’s probably decaf. When a customer orders regular coffee and the restaurant is out, chances are high that they’ll get served a cup of decaf. It’s time-consuming to start and wait for a pot of coffee, so staffers pour what’s available. Since many restaurants only brew decaf in the evening, it’s even more likely that you’ll get the switch.
  7. The less busy we are, the worse your service will be. Employees take advantage of a slow restaurant by getting their side work done early and playing around with coworkers. They’re not on a fast-paced routine like they are on a busy night, so they forget to check in on the tables they do have as often.
  8. Your half-empty bottle of wine won’t be tossed down the drain. Instead, it will often end up being served by the glass to patrons the following evening or given to the kitchen to make vinegar.
  9. Homemade doesn’t mean what you think. Sure, that homemade dessert might actually be homemade—just not necessarily in the restaurant you ordered it from. And homemade dressings? Those can be store-bought, with one or two added ingredients to make them seem fresh.
  10. Upscale restaurants have fancy menu designs for a reason. Menus that list prices in a neat column down the right side allow customers to compare prices and pick cheaper items. Fancy restaurants will put the price immediately next to the dish, in the same cursive font as the description, so it’s harder to distinguish each item’s price. Leaving the dollar sign off of the cost also prevents patrons from focusing on money.

What’s Wrong with the PlayStation Vita? @ TestFreaks


Just posted this one over on TestFreaks..


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/information/whats-wrong-with-the-playstation-vita/

Quote: "The PlayStation Vita is a great device for portable gaming but it’s not perfect by any means. I got mine at launch and in that time I’ve used it quite a bit and I’ve noticed many things both good and bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the PS Vita, but there are some things that I don’t care for. So this started out as sort of a top ten list, a list of things that aren’t that great about the PS Vita. These are things that I’ve noticed in my time with it, and it’s a lot more than ten sadly. So are obvious, some aren’t, some are big and some are small, some people might find them a reason not to buy one, and some people might not care. We all know nothing is perfect though, most every device and gadget sounds much better in reviews and promotional material than it does when you actually get it in your hands. So read on to see what I found or think is wrong with the PS Vita….."

iPhone.. GACK! Things it can’t do that my Tilt can!

OK, the new iPhone is out, but damn I’m already sick of hearing about it…

Go over to Digg and you’ll see several stories about the iPhone or something related to it, and htat’s not just Digg, pretty much everywhere..

I’m sick of hearing about it already, people are acting like it’s this wonderfully amazing thing that’s going to change the world, it’s not going to, it’s a phone for f*cks sake…

Hey I love my phone, an HTC TytnII or ATT Tilt, but I’m not gloating over it.. maybe it’s time I should though… It’s a vastly superior phone even though it’s a year old now

my phone can do pretty much everything the iPhone can and it can do everything the iPhone can’t, all those things that people are complaining about and much more!

Let’s see:

Copy and Paste – Check!

Real GPS -Check!

Turn by Turn GPS navigation – Check!

3 megapixel camera – Check!

Pop/Imap Email – Check!

Don’t have to have itunes account – Check!

Can surf and talk – Check!

Bluetooth Stereo – Check!

Customizable – Check!

Videos – Check!

and I can go on and on about what the Tilt can do that the iPhone can’t.. The Tilt is a far superior phone over all!

iPhone.. Blah, Gack… Go Away you bother me…