The Top 5 Technological Advancements in Home Improvement in 2017


Over the past few decades, technology has drastically changed the way we do things in our everyday lives. From transportation and telecommunications to research, and other fields, technology has made everything faster, more efficient, and more convenient for all of us.

With over a million new houses constructed in the United States last year, setting a new record since 2007, it cannot be denied that technology will continue to play a major role in the field of home construction and renovation. According to recent projections, roughly three hundred billion US dollars is expected to be spent on home improvements and renovations this year alone. If you want to know more about how technology brings innovation to home improvements this year, then continue reading this article. Consider adding these top five technological advancements for home improvement in 2017 and enjoy the convenience and comforts of your own home like never before. You may also visit Think Tank Home and check out the useful buyer guides and product reviews for your home improvement needs.

1. Home Security

From smart lock systems which enable you to monitor your home remotely, to Wifi-capable video camera doorbells, everything seems to be easily accessible within just a few clicks. You can also enhance your home’s security by installing smart outdoor cameras equipped with automated flood lights and sirens, and a two-way communication system.

2. Smart Plug

With most of the new technologies now leaning towards energy-efficient and eco-friendly mechanisms, smart plugs are now becoming an in-demand home device. These devices can be linked to applications such as Alexa and Google Home and they can be used to precisely monitor your power usage. You can also set your home to an “away” mode to automatically turn off certain devices and appliances that are not in use. There are also water-detecting variants that immediately shut off power connection to an outlet in case of flood or accidental water spillage.

3. Induction Cooking

Early models of induction cookers models were not as popular as they are now mainly because of its expensive price that can go twice as expensive as their gas and electric counterparts. Today, there are now more energy efficient and cheaper inductions cookers that you can buy from below a thousand bucks. With their high precision and control, and the ability to heat food fast, it will not take time before induction cookers will become a standard.

4. Digital Assistants

Imagine the luxury of being able to work around your home with the help of a digital assistant. Popular digital assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo allow you to control smart devices and appliances inside your home by just using voice commands. They can also help you make quick internet searches for virtually all topics that come up into your mind. You can also ask them to play your favorite music during your relaxation time.

5. Self-Cleaning Toilets

Self-cleaning toilets can do more than the dirty job for you. Besides automatically turning on the bidet and flushing out your wastes, self-cleaning toilets also help keep your seat clean and sanitized at all times. Built-in ultraviolet light increases the decomposition rate of organic materials left that cling to your toilet while slightly acidic electrolyzed water keeps the surfaces clean and fresh all day long.