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Someone Tried To Pop My Tire

Hmmmm… someone tried to pop my tire it seems… I wonder who it could have been?!!? Straight gash in tire rim and tire itself, it’s straight so van wasn’t moving when this happened or it would have been curved a bit as the tire would have been rolling. The straight cuts lead me to believe that someone hit it with something hard as it cut the rim too, goes straight from the valve, to the rim to the tire…  I hate people



I Need an Attorney Who Wants to Bring a Lawsuit Against Mother Nature!

Yes that title is 100% serious, I want or need an attorney who wants to bring a lawsuit against Mother Nature.

Why? Because I’m pissed off, fed up, sick of the rain, wind, snow, wild animals etc doing things to my neighbors property and items and then my family and I get blamed for it. No proof at all, but we get blamed and everyone believes what he says and I’m sick of it, I’m tired of being blamed for things I don’t do, didn’t do etc.

I’m tired of being stressed all the time over it, waiting for the police to come (yes he has called the police on this stuff and NOTHING happened, but that’s a story for later..), waiting for people to come and do something to me and my family.

I’m tired of the anxiety. Since all this started I’m now on high blood pressure medication, and the dosage has been raised already.

I’m tired of not sleeping because of all of this, I can’t remember the last time I got a full, good night’s sleep.

This has been going on for over 7 years now and I can’t be quiet anymore, I can’t suffer in silence anymore, I’m done.




Yeah I know I haven’t updated here in a long time, I have reasons for that but I’m going to be adding a shit load of more posts but they will be older posts as I will be using the date the event happened on the photo or security camera footage. So look out for those, they will be filed under the Harassment category.



Neighbor Parked Too Close, Can’t Get in Trunk, No Reason for It

So my neighbor had the tow truck driver park his car extremely close to my van, so close in fact that I can’t get in the back of it. I had plans yesterday to put some stuff in there, but I just couldn’t get in. I would have had to lie on the ground under my bumper to open the back of my van as it swings out and up, there’s just no way to open it with a car parked that close and there’s no reason to park that close either. Sure I could have pulled my van up to access the back, but why should I have to do that when there’s about 2-3 parking spaces of room behind his car?




Long Time No Write…


It’s been a really long time since I’ve wrote anything here, wow… I haven’t been doing much, sleeping, or actually trying to sleep because I really don’t sleep anymore. A  couple or maybe a few hours each night, usually 2-3 hours if that, but it’s broken sleep and no straight through.

Suicide’s an Alternative


I haven’t been writing much here or anywhere really for a long time as I’m dealing with a lot of bad shit in my life and battling depression I guess you could say, not that anyone really gives a shit really about what I have to say so it probably doesn’t really matter if I write or not, no one would miss me I’m sure…