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Why I Want a Google Nexus 7


I need a new tablet, I did have a rather nice Acer Iconia A500 but I dropped it and shattered the screen sadly. I do have a small 7” and a big 10” left, but they’re not exactly name brand. The 10” tablet did cost quite a bit though, and it’s not bad overall, but it’s dated and not updated so I use the newer 7” one now.

Google Play Needs Credit Card for Free Purchases Now?



So this is annoying, I went to get a FREE ebook last night on Google Play and it’s asking me for a credit card? What the hell is up with that? This is one of the big reasons I hate iTunes, Apple says you need a credit card for free apps and games, which makes no sense to me at all. Why do I need to have a credit card for a free item?

I guess I sort of can understand with apps or games as there could be in-app purchases etc, but an ebook has no such things. Even then I’m loathe to leave my credit card linked to anything I don’t have to.

Got my kids an iPod Touch long ago and I sure don’t want them accessing iTunes with my card linked to it, just can’t fathom why really Apple or Google needs a credit card for free items? It makes no sense to me at all. I’ve honestly never bought anything on iTunes, I get them the free games and then once a month or so I check and add more and delete some they didn’t like. There’s plenty of free games there to never really have to buy anything, but yet they want a credit card for the free stuff….

I like the free eBooks, I like to get in on those Humble Bundle and other ebooks deals when I see them, but sometimes Google Play has classics I’ve never read listed for free, or ones that I would like to read again. I take my tablet with me to kids karate class where I get to sit for 2.5 hours and do nothing, so reading is my way of doing something constructive with the time.

Oh well… whatever.. such is life…

News for December 19th 2012

Yeah whatever…

Ever notice that when you’re waiting for a delivery it won’t come until you’re in the bathroom or have to leave the house? it happens all the time to me, I wait here for my deliveries and they won’t come unless I decide to get in the shower and then the doorbell will ring. Or they’ll come right after I leave to pick up my kids from school. They have hours and and hours to deliver but yet they won’t come except for that 30 minute windows that I’m not here. I don’t get it….

Anyway, read the news…


News and Reviews for December 1st 2012

So it’s December already! Christmas is almost here and it’s just not the same since my Mom died, none of the holidays are really but I guess that’s just how it is and how it’s going to be from now on..

Oh well, here’s the news and be sure to check out the many contests and giveaways going on down in the Assorted section..