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Review of Ohuhu Anti Shock & Folding Trekking Pole / Hiking Pole


Sadly I need to use a cane to walk these days but a regular cane isn’t the best for hiking or even walking in the woods so that’s where the product I have for review today comes in from Ohuhu. The product is a trekking or hiking pole that can collapse to be easily taken with you. It’s a decent product for sure, I like it a lot. Read on to learn more…

Anti-Shock Silicone Protective Case for 3.5" Hard Disk Drive Review


And another review on DragonSteelMods..


Review Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/anti-shock-silicone-protective-case-for-3-5-hard-disk-drive-review/

Review Snipit:
"I’ve got another review for you today but this one is short, very short but it’s of a product that I find and think you’ll find very useful. Well you’ll find it useful if you’re like me and have many hard drive floating around. I reviewed something similar a few years ago but it was a bit more expensive than the one I have today. What I have for review has a long name but it’s a very simple product that allows you to safely store and still access your hard drives. The product is called the Anti-Shock Silicone Protective Case with Ventilation for 3.5″ HDD Hard Disk Drives, and it’s a silicone case for your hard drive basically. Anyway, read on to learn more… "