Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

All I want to do is sleep and that’s it anymore, but then I go through periods of time where I can’t sleep, so it seems I just can’t win.

I’m not sure why, well I have an idea but just that an idea.

I really just don’t enjoy anything anymore. I think maybe I’ll fire up the PS4 and play a game, but then I think I’d rather sleep and lie down and try to sleep.

Everything I once enjoyed doing, I don’t anymore, nothing really. I just do things to do them, and because they need done, not because I enjoy doing them.

My oldest son and I were texting back and forth a bit ago and he said something along the lines of he knows that I still have passion for something and well nope I don’t. I was tempted to text back to him that I don’t have passion for anything anymore and that I’m just sitting here waiting to die, but I didn’t.

I didn’t but that’s how I felt and still feel.

I just want to sleep all the time and would love to but I have things to do before I die…