The Top 4 Tips to Playing Star Wars Battlefront


Star Wars Battlefront, initially released by Pandemic Studios in 2004, is a thrilling shooting video game which is based on the original Star Wars film. The game offers the players to experience both first and third-person perspectives and to play the role of a soldier in either of the two opposing armies. Star Wars Battlefront is set in different maps and periods in the Star Wars Universe. As of this year, the game series has already launched three mobile and three computer versions; with the fourth installment set to be released in November 2017. Be it on Windows, PlayStation, or Xbox platforms, Star Wars Battlefront has consistently received positive reviews for its outstanding graphics and gameplay.

If you are just a new Star Wars Battlefront player, learning a couple of tips and tricks will surely help you master the game in no time. Check out these top 4 tips to playing Star Wars Battlefront and start to dominate your opponents convincingly.

1. Learn how to switch perspectives.

Star Wars Battlefront is not your ordinary shooting game. Aside from not having the usual shooting game elements and having its own command post concept, Star Wars Battlefront features two different camera perspectives which players can switch anytime they want to in the game.

The camera perspective can be changed by logging into the game’s settings menu or by long pressing the down button on the directional pad while in the game. Each perspective also has its own advantages depending on the situation and weapons used. The first-person perspective improves shooting accuracy when using optic weapons while the third-person view provides better awareness of the player’s surroundings.

2. Use a headset to gain an advantage against opponents.

Experienced players would know how using a headset will improve their awareness while in a battle. In this type of game which is generally centered on running and gunning, you will mostly hear the sound of firing weapons as well as distinct footsteps of approaching characters. Whether it is an ally or an enemy, knowing that there is someone nearby can help you make better decisions and strategies.

3. Know the best weapons early in the game.

At the start of the game, each player is given a standard A280C blaster rifle. The weapon deals a decent amount of damage against opponents but is only efficient to use up to level 3. Once you have gained enough credits, you may purchase the long-range DLT-19 rifle or a powerful DH-17 rifle for 550 credits each. E-11 blaster rifle is also a versatile weapon that is highly recommended early in the game. During the endgame, the Cycle Rifle is the perfect weapon for dealing massive damage against opponents.

4. Use hacks and bots to dominate the game.

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