Accuon Digital Atomic Desk Wall Clock Review


New review by me:


“Up for review today I’ve got a product that I’ve always wanted but just never got for myself as it’s not something I needed, so when I had the chance to review one I jumped on it of course. In our house time is a problem, sure my kids can’t manage time, but the really issue is the correct time. We have numerous clocks and they’re all different so I wanted something that was as accurate as possible and that’s an atomic clock. The Accuon atomic clock can be used on your desk of wall mounted, it has large digits that are easy to see from a distance and it even displays month, date, day of the week, and even the temperature. Like any atomic clock it as accurate as you can get, it get its signal over the air and syncs every midnight. The clock is great, I’m very happy with it.  Read on to learn more… ”