Review of Townpeak Space Saver Bag Vacuum Compression Seal Bags

Vacuum bags they’re great for all kinds of stuff, we have a lot of them, my wife loves to use them for our blankets primarily to stow them away after winter so they’re nice and clean and dust free and ready to use. Up for review today I’ve got a set a three from Townpeak and they seem well worth it overall. Read on to learn more..

Product Name and Info:

Townpeak Space Saver Bag Vacuum Compression Seal Bags

1PCS 17.72*27.56 inch(5pcs T-shirt or 2-3pcs down jacket )
1PCS 27.56*39.37inch (1pcs 7.70 pounds quit or 1pcs 59.00*70.87 inch quit)
1PCS 26.38*39.37*14.96inch(1pcs 11.00 pounds quit or 1pcs 78.74inch*94.49 inch quit )

Price: $12.48 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:

The bags just ship in a plastic bag, but they’re not fragile or anything so that’s fine really.


In the pack you get three different sizes, basically small, medium and large, well it’s more like medium, large and extra large it seems to me. On the side you’ll find small bags with the caps and clips in them, you use the clips to run across the seal and seal the bag closed. The bags are a light blue in color and see-through. The bags seem well made, they are slightly thinner than others, but not by much really.


My wife loves these bags, we’ve bought many of them, different brands and sizes as we had to try them all to make sure they work and some work better than others and they’re a thin plastic so they don’t exactly last forever.

We used them as you’re supposed to, we stuffed then with blankets as that’s primarily what we use them for to keep them clean and ready to use.

They work just like other space bags, you vacuum the air out of them and then put the cap on.

vacbags3 vacbags4

vacbags5 vacbags6

So far the bags are working just fine, no leaks and they seem to work very well. They’re still compressed which is what you want to see, but it’s only been a couple weeks, so really only time will tell if they’re long lasting or not.

All in all they seem fine, the price is decent, worth it in my opinion.


+Work fine

+Seem well made

+Easy to use


-None so far

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.