Review of Hopsooken Travel Money Belt Waist Pack for Running and Cycling

Up for review today I’ve got a fanny pack, but not really, it’s fanny pack like for sure, but it’s thin and meant to worn under your clothes really as sort of a money belt. It’s from a company called Hopsooken and it’s a decent product for when you you’re on the go and need to travel light..



Product Name and Info:

Hopsooken Travel Money Belt: Waist Pack for Running and Cycling, Rfid, Comfortable, Durable and Lightweight Hidden Travel Passport Wallets.

-Pattern: two big zippered pockets can be put belongings(such as keys, credit cards, passports, smart phones and other valuables). And there are two mesh bags above the large zipper pocket, which can reasonably separate different currencies, credit cards and other cards. Between the breathable mesh of the back and nylon, it’s a 3.27 inch small pocket, you can put more valuables.

-Security: with the design of thinness and lightweight, it can provide a high level of safety, even if you wear thin clothes, pickpockets and thieves is difficult to find. In addition, excellently stretchable belt makes the waist pack more perfectly be adaption to your body . Even if you exercise vigorously, the waist pack is like a part of your body, you don’t worry that it will fall.

-Material: high-quality 100% nylon is adopted on the item, with the properties of lightweight, waterproof and anti-tear, it can satisfy your outdoor activities (as jogging, hiking, traveling, hiking, cycling, sports activities, etc …). Besides, the back is the design of perspiration and ultra-soft breathable mesh, possessing excellent comfort. Zipper adopts high strength zinc alloy, and possesses longevity processed the electroplating, painting and so on. High strength of elastic belt can be fit for different waist demand of different groups.( Note: Belt is not waterproof.)

-Size: The waist pack: 11.14(in)*5.5(in), smaller front zip pocket: 7.87(in)*3.5(in); Larger front zipper pocket: 10.5(in)*4.4(in); The left side mesh bag inside large zippered pocket: 3.54(in)*4.13(in); The right side mesh bag inside large zippered pocket: 6.8(in)*4.13(in); Belt width: 0.9(in); Suitable waist length: 20(in)-70(in) (fitting for different waist size of men and women).

Price: $14.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:


The Hopsooken pack just comes packaged in a plastic bag which is fine as it’s not fragile.



I’ve got a quick video tour of the pack for you:


The bag has the Hopsooken logo on it and in back in color and overall seems well made.The bag is made of nylon and it’s about 11 inches long or wide and about 5.5 inches high. The nylon material is supposedly waterproof and a rugged anti-tear type of material.



There are dual zippers on the right side for the pockets.



The waist strap is elastic and adjustable and it’s secured with a nice heavy duty plastic clasp.



The entire back is a pocket made of breathable mesh so you can put things back there too, it’s kind of thin and the opening is small.

hopsooken5 hopsooken6


The bag has two pockets, a smaller front pocket which is about 7 inches wide and the main pocket which is the whole length of the bag and inside is a main pocket and then two mesh pockets.

hopsooken7 hopsooken8


The bag isn’t meant to carry lots of stuff with you and that’s fine, it’s more than large enough to carry your phone, money, ID and credit cards if need be.

hopsooken9 hopsooken10


The bag is thin and it’s meant to be worn more under your clothes for security reasons, it’s not a fanny pack like others are, this one is meant to protect your valuables.

The bag lists RFID in the title for the product listing but the specs don’t mention anything about RFID protection, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. For me personally if it’s not RFID blacking that’s not an issue, but for some it might be so I think the product title is bit misleading. I can’t fault the actual product though for the product title listing.

As is it’s not a bad product at all, I do like it, and it can be used as a fanny pack when you don’t need to carry a lot with you.


+Well made

+More than enough room for basics

+Elastic and adjustable strap



-Specs and title are bit confusing




Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.