Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

I Hate Domain Squatters


So I’m trying to find a new name for a site and the majority of the names I’ve come up with, more than 60 now, are taken by squatters. They lead to pages with ads on them and the message this domain might be for sale and they want thousands of dollars for them, which of course I don’t have.

There’s one name that I really want but it’s like $3500 I think and it’s a shame as it’s just sitting there with some ads on it doing nothing. They paid probably, maybe, $10 for and they’re getting a ridiculous profit out of it. Capitalism at its best I guess, it’s good and it’s bad.

I think there should be a limit on squatting, like if you don’t actually develop the domain then you lose it, and you have to keep it updated like say once per week or something. It would be good for everybody really, we’d have actual sites with information on them instead of blank landing pages and there might be some more interesting stuff out there.

I don’t know, the system is broken and I don’t see it getting fixed anytime soon sadly. It’s just one of those things and I just felt the need to rant because I’m frustrated.


Reviews and News for Thursday September 25th 2014


So I’m Windows 8, I’ve had it for a long time but finally installed it. Actually no, I had it installed for about a week and then uninstalled it, but I’m back to it and I still don’t like it as I really miss the sidebar gadgets and the real start menu. The tiles don’t work most of the time, they’re supposed to be live and updating but most of them don’t work right. I’ve been trying to find a weather tile that live updates and tried numerous ones and only found one that updates but it doesn’t have all the info I want like my gadget did on Win7. I wish there was a way to put the tiles on the desktop like gadgets, that would be nice. Anyway, read the news…