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News and Reviews for Monday May 19th 2014


It’s been a weird day and it’s only 10am. This morning I was taking the kids to school and there’s this suspicious guy across the street walking past the house and he kept looking up at the house and looking back watching us and he kept walking. Then we crossed the street and went down the hill to the school bus stop and I was curious or really suspicious so I turned and watched for the guy and he turned around and went back towards my house. It was just really odd, I’ve got alarm system, cameras and a couple pit bulls so I wasn’t too worried, but I still was as it was just really odd like he was casing the place. He seemed really nervous and it really got me when he turned back around and went back towards my house, I went back up the hill to see but he just disappeared. Then about 45 minutes ago this guy pulls up in front of the house and he’s looking at the house, I went out to see what was going on and he said he was looking at my steps. They were concrete steps but many years ago I re-did them with wood. The cheapest quote I got to re-do the steps in concrete was $13,000 so I just did them myself for about $800 with wood. I don’t, just a weird day so far… But enough, it’s time for the news…