Liar Liar Pants on Fire


So I’ve got another rant.

I’m tired of being called a liar, or everyone just assuming the other person is right and taking their word for it and and just being a liar about things. It seems everything to do with the government, any of their representatives are always right no matter what.

Not getting into all of it right now, but every government rep I’ve ever dealt has lied and they’ve called me a liar and they were believed and I wasn’t. It’s a pattern I’ve come to see.

Anyway, we’re having a problem with a our mailman now.

He’s fat, lazy, rarely ever wears a uniform that I’ve seen (not that I actually pay attention to his clothes, but the few times I did notice he wasn’t in uniform) and the mail is always late and you never really know when it’s going to come. It might come at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, who knows. I went to bed one night thinking we had got no mail only to wake up the next day and notice there’s mail in the mailbox. Who the hell knows what time it was delivered?!

It started when we lost one of the best mailmen we ever had, he was transferred and now we’ve got this lazy guy.

About two weeks ago I had a rather large package being delivered to me. It wasn’t mine actually, it was something I ordered for a friend, but it was a big box. My kids bus stop is down a block and over a block and the mailman saw my wife at the bus stop and tried to give her my package instead of delivering it to my house like he’s supposed to do. It’s his job last I checked. He was rude and he couldn’t understand why my wife wouldn’t take the package.

I’ve been waiting for a delivery from Europe and supposedly he tried to deliver it on this past Monday. Now Monday I was home, wife was home and the three kids were home and the two dogs of course and we had a friend of the family over as well. The mailman never rang the doorbell and never knocked on the door, NONE of us heard anything. He did not try and deliver the package obviously, he says he did, he says he knocked on the door.

The first thing is, why would you knock when there’s a doorbell right there?

Secondly, my dogs have great ears, they hear things across the street and down the street, they would have heard him knocking. It’s to the point that it’s annoying and I have to keep the front windows and front door closed even in the summer because if not they just bark non stop.

So I had to make a special trip to the post office to get my package. Not a big deal to me, but my wife didn’t like the fact that I had to and the fact that the mailman said he tried to deliver. He lied obviously.

Yesterday my wife saw the mailman at the bus stop and tapped him on the shoulder and politely said ‘excuse me’ and proceeded to ask why he didn’t deliver the package.

Well he says that’s assault and harassment and then later he proceeded to skip our house blatantly for mail delivery yesterday. I have security cameras on the porch and I watched him go up the neighbors steps, then back down and walk right past out house.

Now I just got a phone call from the post office telling me that he didn’t deliver yesterday because he was harassed and poked by my wife as he put it. There were three witnesses at the bus stop that say differently, but the post office believes him and that’s it, the end of it. They believe him and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

On this phone call they told me to stop harassing the mailman and to keep my dogs inside.

I’m confused, I honestly don’t think the mailman has ever seen my dogs. I do not believe in tying dogs outside so they stay indoors except to go to the bathroom of course, which might take 5 minutes. I also have high chain link fence there as well so the dogs cannot get out. My dogs have never run free so I don’t understand how this guy could bring up the dogs at all?! It makes no sense to me to even mention the dogs except to cause trouble. When I take the dogs out I use a leash so they’re not even running free in a fenced in yard so I don’t get what the hell this guy is talking about at all!?

I’ve talked to other people about this guy and names like jerk and asshole were used by everyone to describe him, I think you get the point about this guy.

So now I’ve got something else to be worried about, am I going to get all of my mail? Is this guy going to start more problems?

I’ve got enough crap going on in my life without this too now…