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Video Review of ArmourDillo Hybrid Rugged Case for HTC One


New review by me…


Quote: "I’ve got another video review for you today of yet another case for the HTC One. Today I have the ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective case which features dual layers of protection to keep your HTC One safe from bumps and the rigors of daily life. Overall it’s not a bad case in my opinion so read on…"

Thecus N2310 NAS Server Review


New review by me over on TestFreaks..


"In my opinion the Network Attached Storage Server or NAS Box for short is the most useful type of storage solution out there for all of your digital stuff.  NAS boxes can do just so much more than a USB hard drive or flash drive, just so much more, but they do come at high price usually but sometimes you can come across a lower priced one that can fit into most budgets. Thecus has recently introduced the N2310 which is a two bay style NAS box that offers a lot of features and great performance for a low price. So read on to learn more… "

Video Review of OtterBox Defender Series Case for HTC One


Yep, it’s another video review by me…


Quote: "OtterBox makes what I think are the best cases you can get in terms of quality and overall protection. The OtterBox Defender series is the ultimate in protection with thick full body coverage and even a built-in screen protector. If you want the best protection for your HTC One the OtterBox Defender case is the way to go surely. Read on…"

Video Review of D8 iPocket 5000mAh Portable Battery


Another new video review by me…


Quote: "I’ve got another video review for you today of another portable battery pack for your mobile devices, this one is from D8 and it’s the iPocket which has a 5000mAh battery in it and a handy microUSB cable for charging built right into the pack. "

D8 iWallet 2000mAh Portable Battery Video Review


New review by me:


Quote: "Our phones are getting more powerful and that means a lot of time the battery doesn’t last all day so we need more power. Today for review I have the D8 iWallet which is a very portable 2000mAh battery pack that you can take with you to keep your mobile devices charged while on the go. Read on… "