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Totes Mens SmarTouch Gloves Review


Another new review by me..

Link:  http://mobilitydigest.com/totes-mens-smartouch-gloves-review/

Quote:  "I guess it all depends where you are in the world or country right now, but I know here in Pittsburgh it’s been cold, very cold, down way below zero some days and you need gloves and everything else to keep you warm. We live in a connected society where we always use our smartphones even outside in the cold and regular gloves just don’t work with a touchscreen as I’m sure you know. I’ve got several pairs of specialized gloves for touchscreens, they feature special threads in the tips of the fingers to make them capacitive and work with touchscreens. I like all of them but they all have one problem, they’re not very warm, sure they work but they’re just too thin to be warm on very cold days, but I found a pair that is nice and thick from GearZap. Today for review I have the men’s SmarTouch gloves from Totes or Isotoner and they’re inexpensive but best of all and most importantly I think is that they’re warm. So Read on… "