Cyber Monday 25% Off at

I’ve got a thing for flashlights, well good flashlights, I don’t know why I just like them. I’ve got several Maglights and Streamlight ones along with others. I’ve never owned a SureFire but I may have to pick one up on Cyber Monday as they’re doing a 25% special.



SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has announced that, on November 26, 2012, the Monday after Thanksgiving known as “Cyber Monday,” it will offer online customers 25% off the MSRP of select products purchased at This one-day SureFire Cyber Monday Sales Event will feature a never-before-offered product mix that includes both best-sellers, such as the G2® Nitrolon® flashlight, and high-end military and law enforcement products like the M900V Vertical Foregrip white-light/infrared LED WeaponLight. Even SureFire-brand battery 12-packs, which have never before gone on sale, will be marked down by 25%. Customers will also receive free UPS ground shipping on all sale items—no minimum purchase required.

“SureFire’s Cyber Monday Sales Event is truly a one-of-a-kind sale,” said SureFire E-Commerce Manager Gabriel Steinmann. “Twenty-five percent off and free shipping are attractive incentives for holiday shoppers on this important online shopping day, but what’s really remarkable is the mix of products we’re discounting. Along with some of our more mainstream products, we’re also offering high-output, state-of-the-art LED WeaponLights and flashlights designed for elite military and SWAT operators. This is rare, if not unprecedented, for SureFire. And it’s all-the-more important because our gear helps keep people safe.”

The “state-of-the-art” WeaponLights mentioned above, include three models of SureFire “V-Series” WeaponLights—the aforementioned M900V Vertical Foregrip, the M952V Millennium® Universal light, and the M500V Dedicated Forend. These unique, best-in-class weapon-mounted lights feature both a solid-state white-light and infrared LED inside one sealed, selectable head. This spectrum-selectable head is important because an operator can switch from white to IR light—the latter for use with night vision goggles—with a simple twist of the head’s bezel with no IR filter required. For those who don’t require infrared illumination, several SureFire white-light-only LED WeaponLights, in Vertical Foregrip and Dedicated Forend versions, will also be marked 25% off during the sale.

High-performance military and law enforcement handheld lights that will be part of SureFire’s Cyber Monday Sales Event include the single-output M6LT Guardian® LED flashlight, which has a maximum output of 900 lumens and is a favorite of special ops teams and big-budget Hollywood movies alike. Featuring eleven preset output levels, including a tactical strobe light, is the UB3T Invictus®, which has a maximum output of 800 lumens and is considered the most sophisticated flashlight ever built. More practical, lower-output everyday-carry lights will be on sale as well, including the 200-lumen G2X and the ubiquitous G2, one of the few incandescent flashlights still manufactured by SureFire, primarily because of its lingering popularity with hardcore SureFire customers.

The SureFire Cyber Monday Sales Event won’t just include illumination tools. Along with flashlights and WeaponLights, an assortment of edged weapons and SureFire pens will also be listed at 25% off, as well as a30th Anniversary Collector Set that includes a special SureFire camouflage-patterned E1B Backup® flashlight and SureFire Pen. Newly released EP7 Sonic Defenders® earplugs and even select SureFire apparel will also be marked down and shipped for free!

The Cyber Monday Sales Event begins at midnight EST on Monday, November 26, 2012, and goes through midnight, PST of that day. SureFire’s website will not reflect sale items and prices until the sale begins at midnight EST on the 26th of November. To view sale items and prices, as well as to purchase sale items, visit after 12:00 a.m. E.S.T. on November 26th, then click on the “SureFire Cyber Monday Sales Event” banner, or on the “Gifts” banner at the bottom of the home page. Sale prices and free shipping are limited to stock on hand, so loyal customers can be sure to start their holiday shopping early on November 26th.