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Pain Pain Pain

My back is killing me… well not killing me literally I guess, but it hurts and I can’t stand it.. it hurts to do anything really, sitting, standing, walking, sleeping..

I don’t know.. just felt the need to complain and I’m allowed…

Free E-Cig Starter Kit


Ever wanted to try e-cigs? Howa bout a free starter kit? Well it’s not actually free as you have to pay shipping and handling.. and I have no idea who the company is or how reputable they are but I figured it might be worth posting..


New e cigarette free trial kits with tobacco taste launched at where people can try electronic cigarettes risk free before they buy them. Tobacco is an addition to the previous line of flavored cartridges which included menthol and cherry taste.

Get Your Free Electric Cigarette Trial Kit Today

All smokeless cigarette starter kits have a lifetime guarantee and contain:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Steel Atomizer
  • Nicotine Cartridges
  • Wall Charger plus an USB Charger
  • Gift Box
  • Hassle-free Start Manual


I’ve had a little donate button at the bottom of my posts for several months now and not one donation…  

Everybody says thanks for the help etc but not one donation as a thank you..

Oh well.. I just figured I’d put it there to see what happens and as of now I know I guess right?

I’m broke, about to lose my car so anything would have helped..

eh.. just felt the need to bitch about it..

Had anybody ever got a donation via that buttons like these? I have to wonder…

Review of ARCTIC RC Pro Cooler for Ram and RC Turbo Module PWM



Quote: "Today I’ve got a double review for you of two ARCTIC products that can work separately but work better overall when combined. The products are the ARCTIC RC Pro Cooler for Ram and RC Turbo Module PWM and they are to help keep your ram cool. The RC Pro Cooler for Ram is basically a heatsink you can apply to bare ram while the RC Turbo Module PWM is a double fan attachment that helps to further cool things off."

ARCTIC F Pro 80mm and 120mm Cooling Fans Review



Quote: "I’ll admit it, fans are boring, but they an integral part of any computer system and without good fans bad things can happen.  To me a good fan is one that can move a good amount of air but yet be quiet as low noise is important to me. ARCTIC has sent me over two of their F Pro series of fans for review, the 80mm and the 120mm sizes. These fans are meant to help keep things cool but be virtually silent while doing so. The F Pro fans are specifically designed with silence in mind and they are virtually silent.  "