Five Online Startups That Can Help Your Business Save Money

The world is now experiencing recession and everyone is struggling to keep up. Because of this environment, websites like Groupon or LivingSocial find themselves thriving. Customers who want to get the best value for their hard-earned money await the deal of the day. But group buying sites are not the only ones that offer money-saving deals. Have you heard of other smaller niche websites that can do the same thing? If not, continue reading to know 5 of these sites.



Effective communication among employees is substantial for the success of a business. But having corporate intranets are usually very expensive and could be unaffordable for small businesses. Set your worries aside because Bitrix24 offers a solution to that problem. With Bitrix24, a business with 12 employees or less can have the basic package for free. I will repeat it – fully functional CRM, activity streaming where every team member gets updates as events unfold, calendar, activity planner, sales funnel plus other features at exactly 0 cost to your business. Furthermore, if you have more than 12 employees working for your company, you will have to pay a very affordable price of $99 a month for the Bitrix24 services.




A logo is a must for virtually business, online or not. Professional logo designers will charge you hundreds of dollars for their services. You can opt to use crowdsourcing sites to g et the logo you want, but that will still cost you at least a hundred bucks too. Do you want to create your logo for free? makes it possible without spending a dime. And what more, just pay a subscription fee of $4.99 and you can also get designs for business cards, letterheads, envelopes your business needs.




Coming up with a company name or a domain for a website might seem like an easy task. But branding can actually be one of the most difficult steps in starting a business because it can make or break your company. There are already millions of registered top domains and this fact makes it harder for you to think of one for your own. That’s why you cannot blame other people if they pay somebody else to accomplish this task for them. With over 55, 000 namer contributors, PickyDomains’ clients do not have to ‘brainstorm themselves to death. All they have to do is register, pay a deposit ($50 for a domain, brand or name and $75 for a slogan), specify their parameters, then choose among the suggested domains. And a refund will be available in the event that the client approves none of the suggestions made.




Playing the securing-cheap-air-fare game has been changed forever, thanks to niche sites like Expedia, CheapFlights and Orbitz. So here comes, offering even cheaper tickets to people who love travelling or have to (which is common for many types of businesses). uses a simple ‘trick’ – not all deals from airline companies are publicly available. Most air carriers post their exclusive deals only on their own websites to lure the customers away from price comparison websites. But acts as a meta search engine that searches through every travel agency, every major flight site an d through the 728 registered airlines, getting the cheapest deals available through a single site.




Knowing your competitors is necessary if you are running a business. And online, it’s not just that other shop accross the street. iSpionage tells you what your competitors are up to – are they spending money on Google and Bing ads (and if yes, how much), which keywords they bid on, which keywords generate most of free traffic for them, and ton of other valuable data. For free you can do three searches a day, if you want to have access to everything, it’s $59 a month.