Dr Who Worlds in Time Goes Live


Now this is cool, I’m a big Dr Who fan and there aren’t really many games based on Dr Who and I’ve always wondered why? I’m sure they would do great if they were made well of course.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is designed for devotees of the show looking for a quick pick-up-and-play game, and life-long gamers and sci-fi enthusiasts seeking increased social engagement. Players choose among four races and endless possible character combinations to create their avatars. They can join together in missions identified by the mysterious Time Lord to defend civilization by undertaking interventions against infamous villains bent on creating chaos and destruction in the universe. Throughout the game, players will explore deep immersive worlds (e.g., Skaro, Messaline, The Library and New New York) featuring iconic monsters (e.g., Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels), delivering the authentic experience of being part of the Doctor Who realm.

While the game is free-to-play, revenue is generated through micro-transactions. Players can enhance their experience and accelerate their progress in the game through the purchase of Chronons, which will help them to complete missions, customize their avatars, build new contraptions and more. So it’s not exactly a free game after all is it? the basic game is and it’s rather cool really, I spent a little time with it and plan to go back and play some more when I get some time.

So go after those Daleks and Cybermen and save the world or even the universe!

You can go play the new Dr Who game for free here: http://www.doctorwhowit.com/

Free games are great and I know my kids spend a lot of time online visiting all of those flash based free game sites and they even like to play free bingo games online as their Mom and Grandmas got them into playing bingo. it’s fun with the cards and chips but of course the computer is better.